Thursday, January 21, 2016

Adrien: Dressing For The Weather.

Now is the time for me to be grateful that I bought a sweater dress out of season. I struggle with buying things I can't wear right away but I'd been stalking this dress forever and it was finally marked down so much I couldn't resist. I've worn it a few times on the blog and it never disappoints:

It's the Boden Milano dress which is long gone but don't be sad! They have a new version that I like A LOT. I mean, a lot. Dammit, Boden. They also have a super pretty sparkle version that's closer in pattern to the Milano and there's this fun color panel dress as well. If Boden isn't your thing, this Lacoste dress looks pretty similar (though it's made of wool so might be itchy.) I threw on a Missoni-esque scarf for extra warmth. Mine is Calvin Klein via Ross, but this one is the real thing and on sale!

My cardigan is an old one from Banana Republic, back when I loved everything in the store. A nice purple cardigan is basically impossible to find but this one by Halston looks suuuuper nice. Also hard to find? And embellished cardigan that's not tacky. I dig this one by Tory Burch and hey, there's always Target. (And okay, this merino wool boyfriend cardigan at Banana? Doesn't look too bad. Maybe things are turning around.)

Details! I'm wearing my BR beaded cone necklace which is gone but I think this BR pendant is REALLY cute. I also love this one by House of Harlow.  My boots and bag are hard to see but they're my usual Loeffler Randall Matilde and MBMJ Hiller Hobo. So boring, sorry. 

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  1. I bought the sparkly version forgetting that Boden runs large. The size I got looked super frumpy on me, and I'm not sure if going down a size would've helped. I ended up returning it. It might be the sleeve length, or maybe it's me, because it looks great on you!


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