Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Adrien: Spanx Jean-Ish Legging Review (and an outfit.)

Yesterday was rough, I'm not going to lie. If you're a Bowie fan I wrote a little something here on my previously-abandoned personal blog. My older sister, who is an actual writer, introduced me to David Bowie and her wonderful blog entry came much closer to saying what I felt. 

And now, down to business. So, there is a boutique I like that gives a birthday month discount of 50% off a full priced item. Last year I bought Uggs and this year I was delighted to discover they carry the Spanx Jean-ish leggings I was curious about. I wore them on Friday when taking outfit photos:

Okay so I know the pictures are too dark for details and I'll fix that in a minute. First, I'll talk about my outfit (ps. got my hair cut!) I'm wearing my Spanx Jean-Ish leggings with my Everlane cashmere v-neck sweater, which I've recommended a few times. It's a good one and now it comes in this amazing persimmon color and in a turtleneck version which I'd want if I could handle turtlenecks.

I'm wearing my usual Loeffler Randall boots and my favorite Banana necklace that I hope you bought when I was pushing it. If not just buy this House of Harlow one instead. 

I'm carrying my vintage LV speedy which I love but if I were to buy another red satchel right this minute it would be this Cole Haan. Totally classic. If money were no object? THIS PLS. I threw on my favorite soft plaid scarf (mine was a gift but this one will get you there) because it's so good with this coat. It's DVF and I wish it was still available but this version at LL Bean is surprisingly cute (and probably warmer.)

Okay! Still with me? I took my pants outside to try to get better pictures and I don't know how successful I was, but better than nothing:

Spanx offers several versions of the jean legging. I first tried the Ready-To-Wow style but they fit more like regular jeans in the leg and I wanted straight up fake jean leggings. The Jean-ish legging is tight from top to bottom and you have to shoehorn a bit to get them on, but once they're on? They're really freaking good.

Very snug and supportive without feeling like they're damaging my internal organs. No jean button to dig in and they completely stay put. So far they've also retained their shape after two full days wear. 

Sorry for the close-up but I wanted to show the waist/rise detail. They have real rivets and fake front pockets but the back pockets are real. They have a comfortable mid-rise that gives a nice smooth look. They also come in brown and black if you're looking for a non-jean legging with a bit more support. As for sizing,  I tried on a small and a medium and went with the small after waffling a bit. I wanted to allow for a bit of stretch.

So, that's my review! I am really happy with the Spanx Jean-ish Legging and definitely recommend them.

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