Tuesday, January 5, 2016

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Banana Republic Is Sad.

The clothes at Banana Republic are SO WEIRD right now. What happened? Why won't someone fix it? I saw many pairs of these oddly baggy faux-leather pants on the sale rack last week and I just don't understand them. (Though the reviews aren't bad?) I also tried this dress on and while the colors are good it was simultaneously too big and too small and has a weird rump ruffle. RUMP RUFFLE. Nope to that.

But, even when the clothes are bad at BR I'm almost always into the accessories and there is some really cute stuff on sale with an extra 50% off applied at checkout. Add that to 2.0% cash back from eBates and you got yourself a pretty good deal. Here's what I like:

These earrings are just the right amount of sparkle without being formal in any way. Just the way I like it:

Multi-Stone Sparkle Stud Earring

If you only carry black bags and want a change, consider this one. It's the perfect streamlined crossbody in a really fun goes-with-everything metallic:

Gold Double Pouch Crossbody

This bangle is super tiny with an interesting detail at the ends. The perfect addition to your arm book club:

Stone Finial Bangle

This necklace I just plain like. It's got a lot going on but still manages to be pretty and delicate:

Arrow Layered Necklace

And since the weather has finally decided to be a complete dick, I'll suggest taking advantage of the sale on the super-fancy Todd and Duncan cashmere line that BR partnered with:

Todd & Duncan Plaited Cashmere Scarf

Even with the extra 50% off the scarf is still not exactly inexpensive, so here's a good bargain option:

Trish Scarf

See? Now you don't even have to bother looking at the clothes. 


  1. I haven't bought anything at Banana in months, it is a hot overpriced mess over there. Rump ruffle! Love those earrings though.

  2. That dress looked nice in theory, but rump ruffle? Ain't nobody got time for that.