Monday, January 4, 2016

Adrien: Well, That Was Nice.

My glorious stretch of holiday time off is over now and it's all tears and real clothes. I had a dream the other night that I'd accidentally worn my pajamas to work and instead of being mortified I was like, "Eh, nobody has complained yet so..." I did manage to clothe myself to go to the store or something last weekend and even took pictures. How exciting for you.

I'm wearing my old favorite J.Crew cashmere sweater which I bought at a warehouse sale four years ago. I think it's an older version of this one which comes in all kinds of good colors. There's also a Factory version that comes in a really good burgundy and a horrific pink. I've basically stopped wearing all my other sweaters and just stick with this one and my two Everlane v-neck cashmere.

I'm carrying my MBMJ Too Hot To Handle Hobo and my jeans are black coated High Riser Skinny Skinny from Madewell which are SUPER on sale right now. True to size. Get them! If $60 is still too much you might want to check out this pair at Old Navy. I haven't tried them but they look really cute. Also from Madewell is my Ensign necklace which I still haven't taken off.  Madewell does great jewelry, you guys. This necklace is really on sale and so, so pretty.

I spent all this time in my last entry raving about my Nike Internationalists and realized I'd only posted one outfit with them, so here's another. I mean, they're sneakers but I think they're retro and more stylish than your average running shoes:

Yep, those would be my feet. Of course, now I'm quietly plotting my next pair of cute and completely unnecessary sneakers. I am super curious about the new Chuck Taylor II and something like these by Adidas might be fun? One day.


  1. Do you BABY your cashmere or have some other trick to keep it from getting holes in it? I'm just about finished with cashmere even though I love it. It's too expensive for me to wear once and the next time I see it it's ripped to shreds! (I exaggerate.)

    1. What are you doing to your sweaters, girl? I don't baby my stuff (though I do hand wash and occasionally shave off the pills) and haven't had a problem with holes.

  2. I LOVE everlane. Also, I'm very interested in those shoes......


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