Thursday, December 31, 2015

Favorite Style Purchases of 2015.

I did a couple "favorite purchases" entries at the end of last year and, since I've basically only managed to brush the cookie crumbs off my sweatpants as a fashion move today, I thought maybe I'd do it YET AGAIN. Whee. Let's do this.

This is a super-recent purchase but this leopard flare LOFT dress, which I bought because it looked so cute on Marianne, has been so great!

LOFT Leopard Flare Dress

 I've worn it to work with boots and to a party with cute flats and I can see it working well into spring. It's just one of those easy, versatile dresses that you can accessorize the hell out of. It's still available in most sizes but it's marked final sale so please heed my advice that it runs at least a size large.

I know y'all are sick of hearing me talk about my Old Navy patched jeans but they get an honorable mention to my slightly-more-loved Banana Republic distressed jeans:

Mine are the lighter wash version of the distressed Skinny Ankle and I hope that they keep it up with the good denim because everything else at BR is weird right now.  Both pairs helped me to break out of my dark denim rut and it's been fun to have some good casual denim options. I also think it's funny that I used to be alllll about the fancy jeans and now I love my less-expensive pairs way more.

I felt like I should include a pair of shoes because I bought a lot of shoes this year and I was surprised to find that the pair I felt were my best purchase was a pair of sneakers. WHO AM I? I love my chelsea boots and my Lotta t-bar clogs and I wear them both a lot but my Nike Internationalists filled a category I'd been unsuccessful at filling for years: casual sneakers that are actually damn cute.

It is so nice to have a fun pair of shoes that I can also run around in all day. I love them and I'm hoping to find this purple colorway on sale in my size. I don't even know who I am anymore, you guys.

And now, my ultra most favorite fashion purchase this year has to be my Marc by Marc Jacobs Too Hot To Handle hobo in cement. I got a really great deal on it (RIP Piperlime) but it's worth every penny of it's retail cost and I rarely say that about anything:

The color is perfect, the size is perfect, it's comfortable to carry and it can take a beating. The cement color is hard to find but there are some great neutral options (on sale!) at Zappos right now. When my Hillier dies I'll probably replace it with a black Too Hot hobo. The newest version has a zip closure which has it's pros and cons, but the shape is the same. Such a winner, this one. 

That's it for the style side of things! Favorite beauty purchases will be up next. (At some point. I have some Outlander episodes that need watching.)


  1. Love your wrapup - am also having a hard time getting out of comfy clothes this week. happy new year!

  2. I totally miss Piperlime as well! I found so many fun, different types of clothes on there and they always had great sales to boot. Sigh. Happy New Year!

  3. Check out these Addidas!

  4. Hello! Visiting via GOACA! I love your red shoes with the MJ bag, what are they??

    1. Hi! Thanks for clicking over. My red shoes are Chie Mihara "Clari" and they're ancient. I don't know that I've even seen a pair on eBay, but if you ever find a pair, GET THEM. Very comfortable and will last forever.


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