Monday, December 14, 2015

Adrien: Wine Cardigan.

So, last month sometime Nina and I made a trip to the outlet mall and I made a slightly rash purchase at Last Call - a beautiful midnight purpley-blue Eileen Fisher wine cardigan that was marked down so far below retail that I couldn't resist. I got it home and there it sat in my closet - beautiful and slightly too big. I love it in theory, but worry that it's somewhat overwhelming on me:

But hey, I think I'm pulling this off? I can't find the exact cardigan I bought but this one is the same color and nearly identical shape. (It might be the same one.) This one by Joie is also a near match and this Merona cardigan would be a good bargain choice. 

I think the key is to pair this type of cascade cardigan with super-skinny jeans or pants. I'm wearing it with my Old Navy Rockstar Patchwork jeans. I can't recommend them enough and I'm very happy that they're (mostly) preventing me from wanting this leather patched pair of Elizabth and James jeans. Ugh.

My blouse is a great BR utility blouse from last year but they have just... gone off the rails this season. I'd check out this LOFT utility blouse instead. It's inexpensive and comes in a bunch of great colors. I also love this crazy print version! I'm also wearing my Banana Republic scarab pendant which I'm sure y'all are tired of seeing. Check out this pendant by Sam Edelman instead. Is cool. 

Here is an entirely unnecessary picture of the MBMJ bag that I've been carrying all week. As per usual, I recommend this DVF satchel as an updated version, since mine is ancient. I'm mean.

With my abject apology to those of you who are actual decent photographers, I blew this pic waaaay out so you can see the details in the cardigan: 

Eileen Fisher has a reputation for quality and it's definitely there. This is a lightweight wool knit and drapes beautifully. I also love that the color is not quite navy or purple or black, but works in place of all three. It's just probably a size too big, but most wine cardigans are, right? 



  1. They had this same sweater at my TJ's, and I was thisclose to buying it... I may have to go back for it, though. I love the slightly oversized-ness of it!

  2. This is my uniform for the weekends. Love a wine cardigan.

  3. Keep the cardigan! Also, your hair looks GOOD.

  4. Yes, you are definitely pulling this off! It looks smashing. :-)