Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Wrong Kind of Gift Guide.

I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but I'm not one of those hateful people who have their holiday shopping wrapped up by Thanksgiving. You people can just stop that right now. I'm a panic-shopper and I've been hitting the online shopping pretty hard these last few days which means I keep finding things that I LOVE. FOR ME. It's making me cranky.

Like, how on earth did I not know that Jonathan Adler made a butter dish that looks like a whale?

white whale butter dish of awesome

HOW IS THIS NOT MINE. There's also a whale pitcher and this stopper set which all should be in my life. Sigh. I have an Adler problem. STOP BEING SO CUTE, JONATHAN. Related, this bedding set (which I already own) is on super clearance right now. 

MOVING ON. Anthropologie is offering an extra 30% off sale items so I thought I'd see if there were any good gifty items and now I want the world's cutest dancing horse $70 lightshade:

Saga lamp shade

WHO AM I. I don't need this! I also don't need this incredibly pretty ring that I wish I'd never seen:

Hummingbird Ring

Also, I would think this fancy bodywash would make a very nice stocking stuffer for someone. Do I even know what fig smells like? Not really but the packaging is beautiful. And this:

Monogram Pendant Necklace

I am irritated by how much I like this necklace. Please note how they're featuring the A all up in my face. A IS FOR ADRIEN, ADRIEN. Shut up, Anthro. You're a jerk. I already have the mug and the glass ornament

Stop it already.

And now we come to Sephora, my own personal gift hair shirt. While trying to debate the pros and cons of fancy gift sets I'm besieged with good deals for products I like. I mean, if you're curious about Sunday Riley, this set is actually quite a good deal:

Power Couple
If we're talking about balls out, ridiculously pretty, nobody-needs-that kinda stuff, this Dior travel palette is hurting my feelings in a big way:

Dior Couture Smokey Palette

I don't even need makeup! And I don't do smokey anything! And since we're talking about eyeshadow I don't need and probably couldn't apply correctly anyway, how crazy cool is this Hourglass palette:

Modernist Eyeshadow Palette

I don't even want to wear it, I just want to touch it with my filthy little paws. Thanks for nothing, Sephora.  Finally, I feel I should mention that one of the best holiday shopping "oops" gifts I ever bought myself was this:

Luxe Faux Fur Throw

A luxe faux fur throw from Restoration Hardware. They're high quality, cozy as hell and machine washable, which is important because your cat or dog will love it too. They're only marked down during the holiday season and are worth every penny. Seriously the best thing ever.  Related: I'm going to take a nap now. 


  1. I want (DO NOT NEED) the Sunday Riley Blue Moon cleanser and it's out of stock. Guess I'll make do with my boring, but effective cleanser.


    2. Sorry, I'll stop yelling. Eventually.

    3. I understand. I'm still smarting from my decision to not buy the Caroline Hirons' Cult Beauty box.

  2. Darn it. You know I want to try the Sunday Riley. Hope they restock.

  3. Yikes, I think I want a $65 butter dish, which is unreasonable. And this is the third time I've seen that Restoration Hardware throw mentioned and I want some fake fur in my life. It comes in COYOTE.

    1. I want that butter dish!

      Jonathan Adler had a supercute match striker boom box that I found at Nordstrom Rack for $9. Spent the following couple months trying to find strike-anywhere matches for it but it was worth it.

      So: keep a lookout at Rack. That butter dish is totally going to show up there eventually.

    2. I have the coyote version! It is the same color as my cat, which is pretty funny.

  4. Haaaa! I think a lot of us get like this at this time of year. Just to squash one of your obsessions: I had that Hourglass palette, and it was a disaster. The colours are fine, but the way the powders are set artistically into the palette mean they crack easily, mix together so they're everywhere when you open it, and scatter colour over your rug and hands. You're welcome.

  5. The whale butter dish is ADORABLE!


  6. Hilarious.
    Totally agree on the faux fur throw- mine's not R.H (French Pier Import). And funny, I just (machine) washed it today. Mine is...(long whistle!) 9 years old and still super soft and cozy. I sleep with it every night- et alors?! lol