Thursday, December 10, 2015

I Call This Look: Swedish Librarian.

I've been dying to go full Swedish Librarian by wearing my Lotta from Stockholm t-bar clogs with tights and I finally managed to pull it together:

OH YEAH I DID. Good stuff. Except for my poor photography skills that makes everything below my knee look like a mass of dark whateverblah. No worries, I blew it out for you:

So, you can sort of tell that I'm wearing aubergine t-bar clogs and dark grey Spanx tights, right? Cuter in person in a nerdy kind of way. I'm all about the clunky-cute high heel clogs and Anthro has a few pairs that are pretty damn cute, like this Chelsea Dagger pair and these Farylrobin booties.  My dress is People Tree and they currently make a more body con version and one that looks nearly the same but with full sleeves.  This one at the Gap is also reeeaallly similar. To take this full librarian I added a favorite cardigan:

The strip of beading down the side gives it a little bit of fancy without being too blingy. I have a hard time finding embellished sweaters I like but this one by Hayden is just right for wearing over a party dress and this Ann Taylor cardigan is a great sale find. And, there's always Target!

I'm wearing my favorite giant Ann Taylor tassel necklace which is the perfect thing for adding interest to a simple dress. My current favorite is this Rachel Zoe version but it's not cheap. My bargain pick is this one by Lucky Brand

Here's my MBMJ mag bag that I already talked about earlier this week and was too lazy to switch it out for something else. Good times and all that.

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