Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Stuff I Like: Fall into Winter Edition.

As far as beauty goes, this is not my season. My skin gets super dry, my fingernails split and crack, I feel wan and pasty and I don't want pumpkin spice in my coffee or my lip balm. Stop that right now. There are a few products I've been liking lately, though. Things that help make me feel less like the Crypt Keeper and more like myself. 

I bought this fancy thing during Sephora's F&F sale because sometimes you just need a frivolous treat. It's one of those hydrating balm lipsticks and the color I got (#623 "Not Shy") is a nice rosy neutral. Not too pink, not too brown, very wearable. And you guys, I LOVE Dior packaging. The case is so pretty and heavy and feels expensive. It's also easy to find if you're groping blindly in your bag. You're never going to accidentally pull out a pen or a tampon when you're looking for this baby. Bonus.

mlouprice, this one is on you. You left a comment about wanting to try this stuff that I'd NEVER EVEN HEARD OF and all of a sudden I couldn't not have it. Another Sephora F&F purchase and it gets rave reviews. Even Paula Begoun doesn't completely hate it!  I am only using it at night over all the other stuff I put on my face. (It's all about many thin layers.) So far it's really nice and the packaging is super pretty. I'll have to report back on this because it's really too soon to tell. 

I've probably posted about this before but a tiny dab of this primer mixed in with your liquid foundation (or tinited moisturizer) will give you a lovely glow. It's not something I do every day but when I need an extra bump in the winter or want to look a little bit fancier, I go for this. I don't  use it they way you do a traditional primer - it definitely works better mixed. A tiny bit goes a long way so the travel-size tube will last forever. 

Leonor Greyl Is Killing Me
Ugh, this Leonor Greyl stuff, you guys. I know I keep yammering on about it but my fancy samples are gone and it's making me SO SAD. My favorite products by far are the Serum de Soie Sublimateur (best on dry hair, pre flat ironing), the Bain Volumateur aux Algues shampoo which smells like jasmine and makes my hair behave, and this Huile Secret de Beauté oil that smells just exactly what you'd expect heaven to smell like assuming heaven is this place. It makes me so mad because I can't rightfully afford to buy all this stuff. This is all Marianne's fault. 

That's all I've got for now! Please feel free to tempt me further in the comments. 


  1. I'm really enjoying the Goat Milk Cream so far, especially as my day cream. I find that my makeup applies much smoother. I'd been on the hunt for a smoothing primer, but now I don't feel like I need it anymore.

    I just purchased the Caudalie S.O.S. Thirst Quenching Serum as a companion for nighttime (thanks to the Birchbox 25% coupon code).

  2. Sunday Riley's Good Genes. The price is ridiculous, but the stuff is amazing. I wait to buy until I have a bunch of Birchbox points and a good discount code.

    1. I almost bought it last week with the Black Friday code but some reviews complained about the scent/smell. Not sure I can spend the money without testing it first.

    2. Good Genes? It smells just like lemongrass and a bit like ginger. I think it smells great and I'm really sensitive to that kind of thing. Definitely get a sample at Sephora first, though!

    3. Yep. Good Genes. Thanks for chiming in. Lemongrass and ginger is not offensive to me. Some people in reviews said licorice smell which I do not like. I am about an one hour away from Sephora and don't get there often but want to try before spending that much. Thanks for all the beauty reviews. I appreciate them and find the info helpful!

    4. Hm, well, it does have licorice in it, but I don't think it smells like licorice at all!