Monday, November 30, 2015

Adrien: On Stalking and a Madewell Coated Denim Review.

I am a stalker, y'all. I will wait out a sale and creep for a code like nobody else. I will vent my impatience by sending daily texts to Marianne all, WTF MADEWELL GIVE ME A CODDDDE. After weeks of refusing to buy the Madewell high riser skinny skinny coated jeans full price they finally gave me a code I could use and I pounced:

This is the first pair of coated jeans that I've actually liked on my body so they've been getting a lot of wear lately. I have even managed to wear them to work without any weird looks. They are true to size, truly black and not too shiny and I love the high rise. I never thought I'd be so happy to have the high rise back! They work like Spanx and no more jeans sliding down my ass. It's lovely. 

These hit me right at the ankle (I have them folded up one turn here) which works great with my Lotta From Stockholm t-straps and also with my Chelsea boots which are sold out but these are sweet. These Madewell coated jeans are versatile is what I'm saying. If you’re tempted, code SHOPATWORK will get you 25% off at Madewell and eBates is offering 4.0% cash back. Get going. Wait, come back here. I'm not finished. 

I'm wearing them with my Everlane v-neck cashmere sweater (reviewed here) and an old Gap scarf that is not quite as cute as this one from CK. I also think this one at Urban Outfitters is beautiful. And this little feather number. All the scarves! 

Do I look disapproving here? I have no idea. Daniel totally approves: 

I'm carrying my old MBMJ Hillier Hobo and oops, this is what was lurking under the scarf: 

It's my compliment-generating Banana Republic necklace that I hope you bought on sale when I told you to because it's all gone. Do not despair, BR has lots of cool jewelry right now which is great because the clothes are WEIRD. I love this Fringe ID Pendant necklace and I'm still crazy about the Semi-Precious Tassel necklace. Also, if you're a size 6 in rings please buy this beautiful Labradorite ring so it stops hurting my feelings. Thank you. 


  1. Yay!! I agree with the sale/code stalking, but I am so mad at just a 25% off code. Seriously, Madewell, you couldn't do any better than that? They are stingy with their codes. Plus, all the tall sizes are supposedly sold out. I am suspicious that they are doing that thing I know some retailers do when they have a sale/promo and suddenly a bunch of popular sizes are sold out, but when the promo is off, they are magically restocked. I think J Crew is typically guilty of this. Regardless, thank you for the review (I asked about them yesterday)!

    1. Yeah, they are super-stingy with the sales and they definitely do some shady crap. Like, when I bought my pair they'd been marked down (slightly) and then were an additional amount off with the code. Now they're back to full price apparently? Ugh. I'd wait until they're on sale again!

  2. You look great!
    I got a pair of high rise jeans in black from JCrew (with a discount) and am so pleased to not have them sliding down MY ass.

  3. The look awesome! I'm seriously tempted. Also, your hair looks great.