Wednesday, November 18, 2015

We Talk About Pants.

M: Thanks to Garance Dore I reaaaaally want these:

Topshop Unique 'Maida' pants
A: Those might be good! They are more than leggings but not quite jeans.

M: Right! I need some skinny black pants. DO NOT LET ME BUY ANY MORE BLACK JEANS unless my current ones get too big okay okay

A: Like, those could be work-appropriate for me. I'm worried about that super high waist, though. I mean there's high waist and then there's hitching it up to your boob line.

M: I am allllll for it.

A: So, back when I was riding horses I bought breeches that came in a very traditional rise. It was...unflattering to say the least.

M: If done right they are like Spanx.

A: Yeah, those breeches had the opposite effect.

A: I want these maybe:

Zara Powerstretch Biker Jeans

I don't know what "Powerstretch" is but I like the sound of it.

M: FUPA City, population: You?

A: Dammit.

M: Power Stretch sounds like a Tracy Anderson DVD.

A: I hate her so much. SO MUCH.

M: Hee.


  1. And I am short-waisted (seriously, there's like half an inch between my hipbone and my bottom rib), so anything above a "low rise" is pretty much a high rise for me. I would look like Kiki Dunst in Fargo in those ... :-(

    1. Me too. It's not a good look on short ladies. It's becoming increasingly difficult to find pants with a reasonable rise.

  2. I am pretty sure I have the Zara power stretch in black. They are super cute and comfy! However, after wearing them for practically 3 weeks straight, the seams are beginning to come a bit loose. Otherwise, a good purchase!