Thursday, November 19, 2015

Adrien: Everything Is A Little Dark.

So, I got my hair rejigged which is always a little intense at first and it's a dark, rainy morning making everything feel a bit goth, so I just went with it.

I'm wearing one of my favorite things, my silk snakeskin print Rebecca Taylor blouse. It was a Saks sale rack splurge for me and still feels special every time I wear it. Rebecca Taylor does the most glorious prints. This blouse in particular is making me a little crazy and this sequined top is insane but I really love it.  Snakeskin/python prints can be tough to get right but I think this DVF blouse is damn pretty and how gorgeous is this Soft Joie blouse? My bargain pick is this cute number..  

I'm wearing seriously high waisted black skinny jeans from Banana Republic and they're really good. I've been very happy overall with BR denim. My scarab necklace is also a Banana purchase. It's sold out but this Marble Circle Pendant is really sleek and the Semi-Precious Tassel Necklace is much prettier IRL. (Also, both are on sale and there's an additional 40% off code. Just saying.)

Ah, ye olde MBMJ Mag Bag. It's a great rainy day bag because it gives my outfit a little bit of glow to offset the dark. Not all metallic bags are blingy. This DVF satchel, which I think I've linked before, is just the perfect pewtery balance and this Liz Claiborne dome satchel is a total steal at $42! It comes in a great pewter metallic and a really cool snakeprint and a very current wine colorway. Dang. You are welcome. 

My aubergine Lotta clogs are not very goth but I sure do love the color and they're great for weirdly warm fall days. I'm not complaining. 


  1. You guys have me obsessed with those clogs. They're on my Christmas list. I can't decide between the bright red higher platforms or the aubergine. The aubergine speaks to the high school goth girl hiding in my heart. :) I need you guys to find me a good quality, not too chick chic black pullover sweater/sweatshirt. You'd think this would be the easiest thing in the world to find but I'm striking out!

  2. You look fab! Great shirt and print. I've developed a silk blouse and tunic habit and I'm not sorry. They last for ages and look effortlessly fantastic.

    Don't forget the Aritzia "Bennett" tunic. They're so flattering, especially in prints (pricey, but they go on sale a couple of times a year and last a long time even with machine washing; haven't had to throw one out yet). That blue print one would look amazing with your hair color:

    1. I know, I know! I haven't forgotten, I just haven't quite made the leap yet. So cute, though.

    2. PS. Also, their return policy isn't great and I fall between sizes on their chart. How do they run in your opinion?

  3. Your hair looks beautiful. Kinda makes me want bangs again. Except in reality my bangs never looked that good. Great outfit, too.