Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Vintage Banana Republic. Better and Better.

A: $46 for saggy cotton sweatpants? IN THE 80s? Lululemon could take a few lessons from this.

M: Wait, is this Normcore?

A: Super plain white cotton t-shirt? $32! Did I mention it's cotton? Did I also mention it's 1988 and we're going on safari?

M: These sweatpants are just the thing for outrunning lions!

A: Nothing says authentic like a safari cap and elastic waisted gym shorts.

M: Watch it, that's the official team headgear. Something tells me these people are not the sporty type.

A: Maybe you don't have your elastic waist hitched up high enough?

M: Go team! Hit a touchdown!

A: Play with panache! dunk a home run!

M: I'M GOING TO DISNEYWORLD! Good thing I held on to my sweatpants.

A: Well, and thank god they're "not immobilizingly bulky." That's some faint praise right there.

M: If your sweatpants are keeping you from moving I think you're doing something wrong.

A: No, no, Marianne. They're NOT immobilizing. They don't claim they aren't bulky, just that you'll still be able to walk.

M: I'm talking about all those other sweatpants.

A: Oh, you mean non-safari sweatpants? We don't talk about that.


A: It's not like you weren't warned.


  1. Hold up, hold up: Are they tryna tell me those shorts are made of CANVAS? Can this be real life?

  2. Which is better for crossfit I wonder? Canvas shorts with pockets or non-immobilizing sweats?

  3. ok, this is not a very original comment but LOL on your commentary- keep it coming :)