Monday, November 2, 2015

Adrien: Such a Monday.

So, while it's great and all that we get more light in the morning now (RIP DST) it doesn't really work when you wake up and it's pouring down rain. Hmph. It just means that the lighting in my photos will be a bit weirder than usual. I appreciate that y'all don't seem to mind:

Today I'm dressed for the weather. My favorite old J.Crew cashmere sweater, which I've been wearing for nearly four years. Good cashmere is worth it's weight. They have an updated version here in the same dark purple and there's a burgundy version on the Factory site. My pants are also J.Crew and this pair at Factory are pretty close. These J Brands, though? So much better.

My Madewell Chelsea boots! Finally! I've been struggling a bit to make these work appropriate because I think they work best with jeans, but I'm cool with this look. This is their first outing and they are super comfortable so far. The sleeker leopard version are on sale but ugh, also final sale. Oh, and I'd like to give an honorable mention to these cute BR socks which work perfectly for pulling off that no-show bootie sock thing. 

This is me looking at Daniel all, "What are you about to do, buddy?" My necklace is a Giles and Brothers hook pendant which is still one of my favorites. I'm pretty crazy about the new spike pendant too. I like pointy things, apparently.

My MBMJ Hillier. A classic and still holding strong. Before walking out the door I put on my J.Crew Downtown Field Jacket making this a head-to-toe J.Crew outfit which I am just now realizing. (Note to self: great job mixing it up, dummy.)

I have no idea what brand my scarf is but I saw this one at LOFT last weekend and I'm kicking myself for not just buying it. How many leopard scarves is too many? That is a rhetorical question. Have a good day. 


  1. I really wish that I didn't know that those J Brand pants exist.