Monday, November 16, 2015

Adrien: Patchwork Denim Reviews.

Yes, reviews plural. See, Marianne found these great patchwork denim jeans at LOFT and I waffled too long and they sold out. (They're still available in petite sizes.) Then she found a similar pair at Old Navy which I was sceptical about because Old Navy jeans do not fit me. But I trust her so I ordered them. Then, the LOFT pair popped back in my size so I ordered those too. FOR BLOG SCIENCE. So here are both pairs with my thoughts.

First, the LOFT pair:

LOFT Relaxed Skinny Jeans in Patched Dark Indigo Wash
They run big. I bought my usual size and I know they're a "relaxed" skinny fit (whatever that means) but they're just too big on me. Still, I really liked the patches and they're good quality denim. 

I do like the slouchy cuff but not the slouchy everything else. I kept having to hoist them up because the waist was gaping. 

Wah. They look better from this angle, more of a boyfriend fit, but not for me. Great on Marianne though. I will be returning them and normally I'd be hoping for a pop-back for the next size down, except...

Women's Mid-Rise Rockstar Patchwork Jeans

THEY ARE SO GOOD, YOU GUYS. I was shocked. I texted Marianne all, !!!! because I couldn't believe how good they are. The fit is perfect - snug but not uncomfortable or pulling and a nice higher rise that hits me at the perfect place. The wash is a little lighter in the middle than I generally care for but the patches totally make up for it.

This side view shows the fit - they're definitely a skinny jean but in the most flattering way. 

I took my normal size in these and despite the reviews saying to size down, I wouldn't. The patches are sewn on under the denim so the edges are raw and will fray a bit more. Old Navy also has a darker raw edge patched pair that looks good too. Also! Code RUSH will get you 40% off, so they couldn't be any cheaper. I liked them so much I pretty much pulled the tags off and wore them immediately:

I'm wearing them with a Slubbed High/Low Tee from Banana that I highly recommend. I might have to buy it in another color, I like it so much. I'm also wearing my crazy Lulu Frost for J.Crew tassel necklace. Lulu Frost makes insanely good tassel necklaces. I shouldn't even look. This one at Nordstrom is pretty splashy for under $20. I'm carrying my Too Hot To Handle MBMJ hobo and wearing my Cluse La Boheme watch. My ankle boots are Vince Camuto Hadley (a knockoff of the Rag and Bone Newbury) from a few years ago. This boot is what I'd replace them with.

I just love these jeans.  I can't wear them to work so they aren't a staple worth spending a lot of money on so it's great to find an inexpensive alternative. Hope y'all like them! 


  1. I bought a pair of these too, although they're not quite as patchy as these, i love them! I bought them a little larger, and they're so comfy!

  2. The Rock star I also find are super comfy! I order them in tall online.

  3. Those old navy jeans look fantastic on you! I'm rather annoyed about that because I just told myself yesterday that I would not buy another pair of ON jeans ever again. I may reconsider, will be checking out the dark wash version of these.

  4. those jeans look both cute and hot on you...and comfortable and chic. Total win.

    I have the worst time with jeans- I only had one pair, and I've had them for 6 years. So the fact that I have just found TWO pair (different styles) at Uniqlo in the past month and I actually wear them, get excited when I open my closet and see them....I loooove them-

    There's nothing like a good pair of jeans :)

  5. i actually like the relaxed look of the loft jeans esp. for this particular patchwork style! lol Both brands look good on you anyway! Thinking of ordering the loft one and hoping it will look good on me as on you. The patchwork style is just too cute (i myself not a fan of the 'ripped' jean Old navy jeans are really good for the money. i hate shopping for jeans/pants...and the only 2 jeans I own are from Old navy. Thanks for the patchwork reviews, Adrien and Marianne.