Thursday, November 12, 2015

Adrien: Wrap Dress Talk.

You know those horrible, "Ten Items Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet" articles? I hate them. I mean, duh. White t-shirt, classic trench coat, tall black boots, whatever. Not everyone wears white or digs a tailored fit or feels comfortable in boots. (Okay, the last one is crazy talk. What is wrong with you?) Meaning, there is no formula that fits everyone.

THAT SAID, if you are at all into fashion and you are a grown-ass person, there should be a DVF dress in your life. I mean:

Yasss. This particular DVF came via a contest on Blue Collar Red Lipstick and I love it a lot. There's something about a Von Furstenberg pattern that is unlike anything else. Seriously. This gorgeous dress is just amazing and this one will make you feel cheerful every time you wear it. (Limited sizing so make sure you check out this colorway too.) All on sale!

At least one of you is grumbling, "I look shitty in wrap dresses." And yeah, I don't think they're universally flattering but not all wrap dresses are made equal. Try on a few, is all I'm saying. What makes them truly great is that they're forgiving and allow for a few pounds up or down. If you're really not on board with the wrap, DVF still has you covered. I promise. Ooh, for reals.

The necklace I'm wearing was given to me by my mother and it's very disco 70s so I love wearing it with this dress. It doesn't lay flat so I don't wear it that often. This one from House of Harlow would probably be a better choice and check out this crazy DVF option! Wow. For the bargain shoppers, this Max and Chloe looks like a great choice.

My favorite thing about this pattern is how electric the blue is and I can't not get matchy with my awesome blue MBMJ bag. Mine is sold out (but can be found on eBay) but this Badgley Mischka would be a great substitute and this French Connection hobo is my bargain pick.

My boots are Loeffler Randall Matildes via eBay and my tights are chocolate brown Spanx (though they look much darker in these photos which I'm not very happy about. Maybe better with navy? Or no tights? Ugh.)

PS. Here is a secret. If dry cleaning costs are holding you back from buying a silk jersey dress? Guess what: YOU CAN WASH IT. Yes you can, I promise. Delicate cycle in a mesh bag (or hand wash), cold water, very little detergent, hang to dry. Your mileage may vary but I've had no issues. There are great tips here in the comments too.


  1. Very cute. I love a DVF wrap and have 2 that garner compliments every.time.I.wear.them. I won't even try the knockoffs. DVF is expensive, but IMHO, worth every penny-plus they go on sale :-)
    You look great! Enjoy your new pretty!!!

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  3. Love it on you! And yes, I hate those lists too - mostly because I don't wear black and therefore the LBD and black boots are pointless. And what white shirt really stays 'crisp'? Anyway, I have always hand-washed silk and I say it's better than dry cleaning it by far. The best advice I ever had was to treat it like hair - use shampoo or very delicate detergent and lukewarm water.

  4. I wash my silk jersey dresses (Issa and DVF) in the handwash cycle of my front-load machine, mild soap, lay them flat to dry, perfect. I honestly think it is better for them than dry cleaning.

  5. I love this on you! I am that grumbling person. I CAN NOT do wrap dresses. I promise you, they are awful on me, I think it's my high hips or something, but I just can't make it work. There was a DVF dress years ago that I wanted so bad, I wish I could remember the name, think it started with an A? It was an abstract pattern red, black and tan iirc. It wasn't a wrap, that is for certain.

    1. I'm a liar! It was the Abri Miro Flowers I wanted, and it is a wrap. Maybe I thought the wild abstract would distract from my weird shape or something. Oh well.

  6. i have wanted a dvf dress forever, since my mom wore hers when it first came out but i didnt inherit mom's body type, instead i have no waist definition & no hips no boobs so that dress would make me look like a tree trunk. the dress looks perfect onyou& the pettern is beautiful.


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