Monday, November 23, 2015

Adrien: Everlane Slouchy Cashmere V-Neck Sweater Review.

Hi! Let us travel back in time to last weekend before I got my hair changed up. I have an Everlane review! I really want to tell you about this Everlane sweater because it's super good:

This is the Everlane Slouchy Cashmere V-Neck in XS. I'd originally ordered the small (which is what I got last year) but this is an updated version and apparently it got way slouchier. I have narrow shoulders so super-slouchy isn't really cute on me, it just looked way too big. This looks like the appropriate amount of slouch:

As has been my experience with Everlane cashmere, it's really dang soft and quite lightweight. The neckline is a bit more finished in this updated version and I think I prefer it because it's slightly more refined. For the price this is a bargain! Good cashmere should cost something but it doesn't have to cost the world. I'd originally been planning on the cashmere cardigan instead but I wore my charcoal v-neck last winter more than any other sweater I own so I went for another one. Highly recommend, just size down. 

I am of course wearing my new Old Navy patchwork jeans which are still freaking fantastic. I'm so glad Marianne recommended them and I've worn them several times already. Just get them. Cheap and cheerful at it's best. I'm also wearing a House of Harlow mini sunburst necklace and my CLUSE La Bohème Rose Gold watch which tells time and everything. Oh, also, a Giles and Brother skinny railroad cuff bracelet. I'm also eyeing this rose gold pavé version and I love this hoofy bracelet! I want all the G&B up on my wrist. 

I'm carrying my Cambridge oxblood satchel and have Madewell Chelsea boots on my feet. I should also point out that the fancier Nico Boot is on sale at Madewell and it's killing me. The end. 

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  1. I've been pondering that sweater. Thanks for the review :-)


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