Thursday, December 3, 2015

Adrien: Single White Female-ing.

Lately all my good stuff has been because of Marianne. It's shameful and if we lived in the same city she'd probably have to do something about it but hahaha I live far far away and obnoxiously keep buying her stuff, like this LOFT dress:

It's great, right? It's basically exactly what we were looking for here except for the lack of long sleeves. You can't have everything. I went to the store and tried on in my usual size 6 and it ran REALLY big. It wasn't on sale anyway, so I waited. A decent code arrived and I ordered a 4. Still a bit too big. I returned it and on Black Friday I ordered it again (50% off) in a size 2. So much shade about that, LOFT:

All this is to say that this Leopard Flare dress is great. It's comfortable and flattering and machine washable(!) but it runs big. It's also not on sale currently but will be any second now. In the meantime, this cute striped dress is on sale and so is this cute printed shirtdress. This chambray shirtdress also has much sale-dress potential. Just know your LOFT size first! If it's a grey leopard dress you're looking for but LOFT isn't for you, maybe this one at Mango?

The lack of sleeves means it's cardigan time and I'm wearing an old one from Martin + Osa. A warm-but-thin cardigan is hard to find but this one at JCrew looks almost perfect and comes in a million colors. There's also a Factory version but no fun colors. And, there's my dream cardigan that will never happen. Wah.

Here's my slightly askew scarab necklace from BR (sold out, but this one is gorgeous and there are a ton on Etsy) and it's re-established my obsession with scarab beetles. I recently found my mother's vintage stone scarab bracelet and need to clean it up and wear it.  I'm also wearing two of these Giles and Brother bracelets and a version of this one. And arm book club, if you will. 

My bag is Andrea Brueckner and I have hung onto it (despite it's annoying black lining) because it reminds me of the Mulberry Bayswater I'll never have. This Badgley Mischka is a nice alternative and this Urban Expressions satchel is my bargain pick. My boots are the Vince Camuto Hadley which are pretty much gone now. I'd get this updated VC pair instead. Now, get to stalking Marianne's good stuff! 


  1. Loft is my go to for work clothes, but the sizing is tricky. In Petites the pants tend to be true to size or a bit tight. In the dresses and tops I have to go down at least one size, if not two.

    I love that dress and have been eyeing it for weeks. They're sold out in my size now. I plan to snag this one the next time they have a sale which will probably be in a day or two.

  2. I love that Martin + Osa sweater so much. I used to have that exact same one, but after the third time moths attacked it and I spent $$$$ on repair I had to give it up. Super cute dress!!

    1. I found mine at Marshalls a little after M+O closed. Sad face.

  3. "Arm book club"...the arm party for grown ups. I love it.

  4. That chambray Loft dress linked is now on further reduction (60% off all clearance) for $14!


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