Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Adrien: Sometime Last Week.

I wore this last week and somehow forgot to post it. Cool story, bro. Here:

My striped dress is from Banana Republic but you can find them elsewhere. I suggest checking out this Vince Camuto dress and this boatneck version by Kate Spade looks perfect, if expensive. And, of course, there's always Boden. My bargain pick is this cute Eliza J dress.  My jewelry below is a Giles and Brother skinny cortina bracelet and a Lulu Frost for JCrew tassel necklace. I love a Lulu Frost tassel.

I know you guys are tired of me banging on about having a pewter bag, so instead I will just say that maybe you should check out this faded aluminum MBMJ satchel that's on sale right now. This MJ satchel is is also cute in bright red. Also, if you're an MJ fan there are a lot of cute wallets on sale right now at 6pm. Just saying.

I added a scarf so I don't freeze to death and also because I like a little wacky blogger pattern mixing. Mine is very old and from Ann Taylor back when they made wonderful lightweight wool scarves. Those days are over. I suggest checking out this gorgeous thing from Kate Spade and this one from True Religion

Cognac boots were a big thing a few years ago and when I finally got around to getting a pair, I totally got why. Cognac is so much more interesting than brown! If you're looking for a pair of not-black boots I suggest a rich cognac boot or even a charcoal grey. Or just go crazy and get blue. (How cool are those?) 

Boooooots. Mine are Loeffler Randall Matilde and I got them on eBay, which I recommend. (If you go this route, try to find an older pair made in Italy, not Brazil.) 

That's it! Hope you're not freezing to death. 

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