Tuesday, August 9, 2022

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Pre-Fall Sale at Madewell

 I was giving Madewell a break because at some point I decided maybe I'd aged out of it and then yesterday realized basically everything I was wearing was Madewell and then they were like, take 25% off "pre-fall faves" with code FIRSTLOOK. (Is that what this feeling is? PRE-FALL? Because that's where I live now.) Anyway, I'm going to scroll past a lot of dumb cottagecore dresses and show you what I would buy if I could:

This top would be easy to scroll past but it's got good, subtle details. I might need this.

The Griff pants now comes in a curvy fit! I am intrigued. 

Something about this ancient coin necklace is really appealing. 
It would look good with my 800 other gold pendant necklaces, I do think.

One day I'm just going to snap and buy this. It's that color! And the strap! So good and unusual. 

Marianne has me wanting loafers and I love the 90s clompy-ness of the lug sole.

Click through for the details on this one - its summery, sure, but could work well into fall. 

Madewell's greatest strength is denim and the Pefect Vintage in black is calling my name. 

All the kids are wearing funky sneakers these days and I kept going back to this pair. They come in a bunch of colors but I love the green best. (Marianne would get white and she'd be right.) 

This blazer is made of knit material that makes it perfect for looking professional while secretly wearing a cozy sweater. Basically it's maybe perfect? I'd have to see it in person.

This going out bag is teeny tiny but that chain strap elevates it and I love the off-white color. 

I have this in black and it's a good belt! (I like it better in the color I don't own, naturally.)

I really want a trench coat this fall! I love the gathered sleeves on this one, 
which keeps it from looking too conventional. Also, that color IS FALL. And it's only PRE-FALL. Alas.


  1. I saw that purse on Selena Gomez in Only Murders in the Building, and I immediately WANTED IT. Everything about it is good.

  2. they've had curvy griffs for a minute now! great for hip to waist ratio, but they didn't make the back rise high enough imo :/

    1. I had no idea! I'm sorry they didn't work for you though.

  3. I 100% support the purchase of those loafers. #teamloafers

  4. I really want to try that knit blazer...

  5. Actually, Marianne thinks those sneakers look like TEETH. :)


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