Thursday, August 18, 2022

Outfit of the Day: Wear Your Favorite Things!

This is one of those outfit that wasn't really planned, I just put on some of my favorite things and thought it looked cute, so I took some photos. No new items, just some goods stuff from this summer and last summer:

This is the Manzilla top by Apiece Apart which I rented last summer (unsurprisingly similar outfit here) and absolutely loved it. At the time RTR was asking too much to buy it so I searched Poshmark with no luck. Eventually Marianne took over and found it for me on Alys Grace. It's basically the perfect floaty summer top and I wear it a lot, so sometimes it's worth hunting down something you love and buying it even if it's more than you usually spend. It's impossible to find anything really similar (well, there's this beauty in XS), but this pretty top has a similar shape and this one at Nordstrom also looks like it would be fun and floaty to wear. Also from Apiece Apart, how beautiful is this top?

I've tried tucking this top in but I honestly think it looks better untucked - it's meant to be free! I'm wearing it with an old pair of Madewell Cali Demi Boot jeans that I love because the raw hem looks so cute with sandals. I'd say this pair is probably the closest in style to mine, though this pair by DL1961 is awfully good too.

I meant it about having a red bag! It's just what works best with this kind of outfit. Mine is Rebecca Minkoff and it was another rental that I eventually purchased. Here's a similar Minkoff bag at a great price and here's a REALLY cute option under $50! On to details: 

I'm keeping the jewelry minimal with this kind of detailed neckline and just wearing my little beaded Gorjana necklace. It's sold out, but how cute is this new little charm necklace

And finally, my summer 2022 Birks - the Arizona Split. I will admit that the vegan footbed on these is not as comfortable as the leather version but they're still Birks so still more comfortable than most shoes. I get a ton of compliments on these! They're my "fancy" Birkenstocks. Yep. I'm tempted by this leather version which is on sale (more sizes here), but maybe for next year? 

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