Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Outfit of the Day: A Week in WFH Style.

The title is not entirely accurate as I only have four days of outfits to show you. I've been trying to get in the habit of taking a photo of what I'm wearing every day even if it's not particularly good or interesting. I mostly dress for comfort at home but it definitely makes me feel better and more productive if wearing an actual outfit rather than just my lounge clothes. Here are my outfit from the past four workdays:

I had meetings yesterday so I decided to dress like a damn adult. I'm wearing my Madewell eyelet top (similar here) with a very, very old J.Crew locket necklace (sorta similar!) My pants are Lululemon On The Fly and I thrifted them (I also have a pair in black) because those jerks stopped making them. They are SO GOOD. I wear a size up from my normal size in these, just FYI. I think the Athleta Brooklyn pant is very similar and also very good! My sandals are the Madewell Maggie in leopard from last summer and they don't get enough love, so I've been trying to wear them more. 

No meetings this day so my favorite Bowie tee with an older pair of Madewell Cali Demi Boot jeans. I'd just gotten another (I know) pair of M.Gemi clogs in the mail, a total steal from Poshmark. This pair is shearling-lined and they are amazing. I literally wore them around the house all day because they were so comfy. Obviously I don't need fleece-lined clogs in August but November Me is going to be very grateful. 

This is my business-on-top look, which means I have a meeting but my loft office gets hot, so shorts were necessary. I'm wearing a Treasure & Bond blouse from Nordstrom and my AGolde Parker Long shorts, which were expensive but I really love them and wear them a ton. They're made from non-stretch denim and after you wear them a few times they relax a little and just fit perfectly to your body. I'm also wearing my Birkenstock Arizona Split which are getting harder to find but this version is really cute and on sale. 

Annnnd, then there's this. This is what I wear when I don't have meetings and might go to the gym later. I'm wearing my (truly great) Athleta Ultimate Stash Pocket shorts (updated version here, weird color on sale here) and my favorite Wilt high-low tee. I'm wearing my white Birkenstock Arizona which are probably the pair I wear most often. 

That's it! Not quite a week's worth of work-from-home outfits.

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