Monday, August 29, 2022

Monday Mood: A Few Dumb Things I Bought Last Week.

I love it when I impulse purchase something from Amazon and then forget about it and when it arrives I'm like WTF. In this case, why would someone with my hair buy a set of large claw clips:

WHY. Now, in my defense, I though they were the small kind (which I can sort of use) but I still didn't need EIGHT OF THEM. The colors are really good? I don't know. I'm giving them to Marianne when I see her... this weekend! Which is why I also bought this:

It arrived and I haven't really tested it fully, but I'm dead set on my goal of actually sleeping on a redeye flight and this mask is very comfortable and block out all the light. Also, it looks like the world's worst ski mask, which is amusing. I will report back. I also ordered a new brand of dermaplaning razors:

And ooh, these are really good. I don't know that they're better than the Shiseido kind I'd been getting but I definitely accidentally shaved off a bit of my eyebrow without even trying (not actually happy about that) so you know they're wicked sharp. Luckily I just re-purchased my favorite eyebrow pencil, so I can draw it back on. *sob*

And finally, it appears that Grayson is shutting down, which sucks. (They are being super weird about it, though. They apparently sent out an email last week about closing and then posted about a closeout sale on IG and then edited the post, all, nothing to see here! They're no closeout sale or any mention of closing on the website, so maybe they announced it too early?) Anyway I had some credits to use, so I ordered another dress:

This is not going to be a "oh, that's so flattering on you dress!" but more of a "Oooh, I love a pretty sack" kind of dress. I can see wearing this with Birkenstocks now and boots and tights later in the fall, right? Right. My other favorite linen sack dress is also still available in pink, just FYI. Anyway, I'm sad they're closing, if indeed they are closing, but if this blouse gets marked down further, I'll probably buy it as well. The exhilaration of a final sale purchase! You can't beat it.


  1. How strong are the claw clips? My thick-haired daughter needs ones that are pretty hefty... but those are pretty! :-)

    1. I’m not really qualified to answer this since my hair is too short and fine for them. They seem strong, I guess?

  2. I'm really hoping it's not true about Grayson! Theirs is the only button-down shirt that fits me without sliding up and choking me constantly. They still have a lot of full-price merchandise so maybe it's not true? Will definitely be keeping an eye for sales though.

  3. I can imagine you, eventually at least, using all of the things you bought!
    That black Changemaker midi-dress from Grayson looks very comfortable,
    and I am sure you will feel good wearing it. That would be more bad news if Graysons shuts down. I love Grayson's stated idea and mission that women are superheroes and lifting women up for a better tomorrow. It's a nice thought, given all of the misogyny being pushed by major news and social media lately.