Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Outfit of the Day: That Other Dress.

Hi there! Here is an actual outfit I wore to work the other day. This outfit includes zero pairs of Madewell jeans, I promise: 

Yes, I did indeed find the leopard version of the Juno Printed dress (frantically ordered on my phone while on a train to Charles de Gaulle) and I love it a lot. I love it enough that I am willing to freaking dry clean it. Am I mad about it? Yes, of course. Do I love having two dresses that are cute and easy to wear? Also, yes. The leopard is still sold out but I saw a couple at my local Anthro recently, so they're still out there! For other leopardy options, I love this dress from Mango, this cute option from Loft, and this more literal interpretation from And Other Stories. ALSO, dammit, Target, you're killing me. 

I have been wearing my J.Crew going out blazer a lot lately, with everything. It's got a little bit of stretch which makes it comfortable and it's nicely cut, so it just makes every outfit look sharper. Last weekend I wore it with jeans and a graphic tee and was very pleased with the result. Initially this blazer felt like a boring purchase but I am SO glad I bought it. (Also, it's on sale! Code SPRING will get you an extra 15% off.) 

How could I not? My new Ray-Ban Wayfarer Meteor are my current favorite accessory. More details: 

I'm wearing my little Argento Vivo labradorite pendant (similar to this one) and my new Dean Davidson tassel that I have been wearing constantly. It's just so pretty and it's fun to play with! I love the whole line

Hi, old school stuff! I pulled my neglected MJ Paradise Rio bag out because I was thinking about selling it and then decided to carry it for a week instead. I am glad I did because this is a really freaking nice bag. It's an older style, so only available via eBay and Posh, but it's super nice and not hard to get one inexpensively. (There's a purple one at the RealReal!) For something similar, I think the MJ Wellington looks comparable.

And hey, look at me wearing tall boots! I am tired of tights but wanted a bit more coverage than booties allow, so I pulled out my old Loeffler Randal Matilde boots. I have two pairs and will probably keep them forever. Super classic and nicer than anything I can afford, you know? 


  1. I've bought that blazer twice in two sizes and I want to love it but feel like it runs very small? Granted I have very broad shoulders. I bought a 4 and was on the fence about whether it was too tight so exchanged for a 6, which is definitely too small. Not sure if it's worth the trouble to try an 8. It looks great on you though!

    1. I have narrow shoulders so it'll definitely fit me differently than you, but I agree that it runs a little small. I ordered the 6 and the 8. Both fit, but the 8 felt better, so I kept it.

  2. Just dropping in to say that dress looks amazeballs on you!

  3. How did you find the dress to run? I have seen it pop back a few times but am unsure of sizing. I hear it runs large but not sure how much to size down. Glad you found it as it looks great on you!!!


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