Tuesday, April 9, 2019

We Discuss: Going Rogue

M: I went rogue and bought something with NO DISCUSSION and I love it.


A: What did you get??

M: Backstory, I have been wanting some kind of drapey trench, not structured, and not in khaki.

M: Kind of an 80’s trench coat I guess, and obviously something I can only wear a few times a year but the heart wants what it wants.

A: I love a good trench coat! I think they’re more versatile than a few times a year.

M: I’ve had my eye on this one for a while and a few days ago it went to 50% and I bought it in the Cedar color, which I have now discovered is very much one of “my” colors, I love it.

A: I can’t even believe you’re wasting energy justifying this purchase! It’s beautiful and the price is amazing.

M: haha

M: I mean it feels a little Golden Girls but I love it and love my outfit today.

A: That seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to buy and you’ll be able to wear it for at least two seasons out of the year.

M: Also that marigold yellow Mango cheetah print dress came and it’s great. Mango might be my new favorite place for dresses.

A: Dammit

M: I shamelessly based my outfit today on this pic:

A: Well, that is just perfect.

M:  I’m wearing lighter wash distressed jeans (the ones I bought on super sale at the empty JCrew with you) Madewell white tee, and my Toms sandals from last year with my new jacket and feel very cute.

A: It sounds perfect and why am I not looking at a picture of you in this outfit.

M: I'll get a pic later, I promise.

A: I will put it on IG when you do.

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