Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Outfit Of The Day: I Have a Madewell Problem.

So, listen. I realized much too late that everything I'm wearing here is Madewell. It's embarrassing that I can't seem to diversify within an outfit anymore. But, I really like all of it? Here we go: 

So, starting at the top, I'm wearing the crepe wrap top I reviewed back in January and it's been a really good addition to my closet. I get compliments every time I wear it! I am not super crazy about the fabric but it's easy to wear, very low-maintenance (and super on sale right now.) 

I'm also wearing my Madewell black coated denim jeans that I had to buy on Poshmark because they don't make them anymore. I love the leather-ish look of coated jeans. For something similar,  this pair by 7FAMK looks really sleek and you can't go wrong with Paige Denim's version either. If you don't want to invest quite yet, H&M also has a pair!

Now, we're gonna get down to the details in which I am wearing leopard and python prints and it's a lot. First, the details:

Texture! It's hard to really see my necklace but it's an old House of Harlow Sunburst pendant. I'm also wearing an old Giles & Brother railroad spike cuff. Now, lately I've been doing this very stupid thing where I buy old MJ bags that are VERY nice bags but they've fallen out of fashion and nobody wants them and they're dirt cheap.  I can't help myself!  This amazing python MJ Westside Satchel was a Saks exclusive (from 2009-10?) that I remember fawning over but not buying because it was like $900. Well, turns out all you have to do is wait ten years and it's yours! It's hard to link anything similar but this DKNY satchel is pretty great and this D&B bag has a similar style. 

My leopard flats are of course my new Madewell Reid flats and they are GOOD. True-to-size and comfortable right out of the box. I've worn them for two full days and no blisters or pain. Plus, they're just really freaking cute. If you're looking for leopard flats, definitely put these on your list. 

It was a chilly morning so I threw on my old (wait for it) Madewell et Sezane jacket that is still a firm staple in my closet. It's long gone but there's an XS on Posh. Madewell currently has the similar Passage jacket and I have to let you know that there's a Universal Thread utility jacket at Target that is really, really cute. I might have tried it on. I didn't buy it! I just tried it on. Hush. 


  1. Love this on you! Every last piece looks amazing together! And I don't get a head to toe Madewell vibe, either, so no need to diversify in my opinion!

  2. Looking super cute! Love this look!