Monday, April 29, 2019

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Madewell Sale on Sale.

Sorry to be such a Madewell enabler lately but I've just been super happy with most of my Madewell purchases this spring. Right now all sale items are an extra 20% off with code ENJOY20 which isn't huge but isn't bad either. Here's what I like:

I mentioned last week that I bought these jeans and y'all, they are GOOD. I'll review them soon. 

This is the kind of casual white shirt I wish I owned but never think to buy. 

These cute sandals come in three colors but I love this natural leather the best. 

I LOVE this backpack! It comes in a bunch of colors but I'm always going to get the olive green.

These cute fluffy tassel earrings also come in a bunch of colors and really, you can't go wrong. 

The Whisper tees on sale are pretty much gone but this striped tank version looks very promising. 


  1. I saw the crossbody version of the backpack at the store this weekend and it is super cute. Zipper top so your stuff is secure and the olive canvas is both hip and practical.

  2. I've used that backpack for a year-ish at this point and can mostly recommend! The drawstring is annoying security-wise, but the straps are such that you can pull them together and carry like a purse when in a crowd or somewhere that forbids backpacks. There is a zippered pocket inside for wallet/keys, assuming your wallet is somewhat square shaped. The only real issue I have is the spot on the straps where the leather is slightly darker from my sweaty armpits.


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