Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Beauty Report: Beauty Box Hits.

Things have been really boring for me on the beauty front lately because I've mostly been trying to use up the products I have but I keep getting good stuff in my beauty box so I figured I'd tell ya'll about it.

(A quick note: I totally caved and signed back up with the Allure Beauty Box *not an affiliate link* because even though they have the worst customer service OF ALL TIME it's still, hands down, the best box deal out there. I am not proud but I will take your full sized Sunday Riley products, thank you very much.) ANYYYYWAY, I have very, very much been loving this new Sunday Riley CEO Glow vitamin C oil they sent me:

I love Sunday Riley facial oils anyway and have been using this one every morning. I break out from l-ascorbic acid (which is in most vit c serums) but THD Ascorbate, which is the form used in the CEO serum and this oil, seems to agree with me. I just know that my face is brighter and my brown spots are slightly lighter and my skin really likes it. (I still use my beloved Juno oil at night.)  Also, I just realized I mentioned this product last month in my skincare update post, but it's worth mentioning again - I still really love it and will definitely buy it again.

Side note: despite my devotion to Sunday Riley, I'm considering switching out Good Genes for The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% because it's $6.80 and OMG seriously, it's $6.80. Rumor has it there's a VIB sale next week at Sephora, so I'm just going to add it to my (very full) shopping cart. Has anyone tried this as a Good Genes dupe?

My new eyebrows don't need much, but I got this tinted eyebrow gel by The BrowGal in the February box and I really like it:

It's pretty similar to Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow and (I suspect) to Glossier Boybrow so not exactly innovative but it's nice for giving my brows a little bit more oomf and shape. I am slightly obsessed with my eyebrows now, yes. Shut up. Another product I've been enjoying from my most recent box is this Laura Geller INKcredible Gel Eyeliner :

I have it in Purple Rain which is being clearanced out at Nordstrom Rack for reasons I don't understand but I guess Nordstrom isn't carrying the line anymore. (They're probably discontinuing it because I like it.) Anyway, I don't always like to wear dark eyeliner and this is a really lovely lavender purple that's just the right medium-ish shade and looks really nice with brown eyes.

In more serious beauty news, I am SUPER SAD that my favorite Japanese mascara has vanished from the world. What TO DO? Nothing else I've tried is even close so if you have a secret favorite Asian mascara, let me know.


  1. selfridges &co will ship your beloved mascara to you.

    1. And boo, shipping is $30. I love that mascara but it's not worth $50.

  2. I like the Kiss Me Heroine Make Long and Curl mascara, the only downside is that it becomes permanently welded to your lashes and is really, really hard to remove at the end of the day. I ended up buying the mascara remover that Heroine makes just for this mascara because some conveniences are worth the extra money.

    1. I tried that one a year or two ago and didn't like it as much, but I may give it another chance. (The Fairydrops is also impossible to remove, so I'm used to that!)

  3. I've been trying Ordinary products with wild abandon bc they are so very cheap. FWIW, I'm combo skin, pale/redhead, prone to redness but don't really have sensitive skin. I've used Good Genes (it was OK for me, not awesome) and The Ordinary's Lactic Acid. Also OK, but didn't do much and actually irritated my skin a bit when I used it a couple nights in a row. Maybe Lactic Acid isn't my skin's miracle? I find Glycolic products on the other hand, do all the things, so next up will be The Ordinary's Glycolic toner. It's apparently pretty close to Pixie's, which I love.

    My skin-amazing combo from The Ordinary is Buffet w/ Copper Peptides followed by Granctive Retinoid 2%, followed by Rosehip Oil. That gives me even-toned baby skin.


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