Tuesday, April 2, 2019

BUY THIS (Because Summer is Coming): Madewell On Sale.

Oh, Madewell. Why you gotta be like this? You give us a sale but only if we spend all the money and don't even think of buying jeans or a leather jacket. Boo. Here's the deal: 20% off $100+ or 30% off $200+ with code SPENDTOSAVE. (denim pants and leather apparel are excluded.) But! I am looking forward to summer and, with that in mind, have filled up quite the shopping cart:

Marianne recently bought a couple of these tees and says they're great! So many colors. 

High rise, yes, but the length is so promising and I'll bet they're really cute rolled. 

Fun, summery earrings that aren't heavy! 

I got in your head with the sunglasses yesterday, didn't I? Here's a similar style that's very glam. 

I love a t-shirt dress for summer and I REALLY love a striped t-shirt dress. 

Wide legged pants are really appealing all of a sudden. Is it just me? 

I love these strappy sandals and, while the natural color is classic, the black is more my flavor. 

Another great-looking denim jacket aka your summer cardigan alternative. (And it's on sale!) 


  1. I bought those sunglasses in lilac this weekend. I really like them. I also bought the Summer Ryder Cardigan, a necklace, and a t-shirt. I had a feeling Madewell would immediately have a sale after I bought things.

  2. I am also loving wide leg pants. I NEVER would have thought I would like them. They probably aren't all that flattering on me but who cares?


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