Monday, April 1, 2019

Stuff I Bought: A Few Shopping Updates.

Hello! Thank you all so much for your bra-related recommendations last week. There were too many for me to try but I do appreciate all of you for your help. I returned the offending Soma bras and took myself to a nearby Dillards last week and lucked out with a great bra sales lady who listened to what I wanted and found it for me. I had been pretty loyal to Natori bras because they are comfortable without being mumsy but the ones I had were (thanks recent weight gain) a bit too small and also worn out. She recommended a different Natori style in a size that actually fit correctly and I am really happy with it:

It's a good one! A really good underwire t-shirt bra (which is mostly what I wear) that's crazy comfortable and comes in some fun colors (a few of which are on sale here.) Also the straps are pretty, which I like. I also bought this Wacoal model:

It's good looking and gives everything a little oomph, though I'll admit it's not Natori-level comfortable. It is, however, very pretty. Everyone needs one of those.

NOW. You know how annoying it is when a friend asks for an opinion and you give her one and then she totally disregards it? Isn't that annoying? I agree. But, listen, I'm about to do that to you and I don't want you to be mad. Last week I posted this on IG asking for opinions and then ended up buying the pair that nobody chose. But here's why:

(Sorry about the duckface.) 

The Wayfarer Meteor. They are rad, y'all. I dragged Kate to the mall and tried all the different styles on for her and these were the ones that made her and the salesperson say, "YES. THOSE." They also felt the best on my face. I loved the Wayfarer II style so much but they looked wide on me and slid down my nose. Marianne's beloved Erika style are, sadly, too round for my already round face and I already have aviators that I love. Anyway, I went for the Ray-Ban Meteor and they are FUN and totally make me feel like a rockstar fashion person, you know? Sorry for not taking your advice, Internet friends. Don't be mad.


  1. I saw the IG and was too lazy to comment but those were my favorite, so you had silent social media support. Those are very good on you, even better in this photo.

    1. Ha, thank you! I'm glad to know they had a silent vote.