Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Outfit of the Day: Stuff I Forgot About

Hey, an outfit! I still haven't dragged out my summer stuff so I am doing that awkward thing where I am still mixing winter stuff in with whatever happens to be in my closet. Like this: 

I bought this top at TJ Maxx while visiting Marianne back in January. It's suuuuuper cheap but seemed like it would be fun for spring/summer. It's...okay? I think you can do better, tbh. Like, this leopard tee feels a bit lighter and this one would be great for summer. Also, how cute is this leopard blouse at LOFT? 

My red jeans are from Banana Republic and I like them, but they're feeling pretty wintery. I'm currently digging this pair of bright pink-red release hem jeans as a summery option and how cute is this pair of red Paige culotte jeans? Damn, I wish I hadn't seen those. Soon it'll be all dresses, all the time anyway, right? 

The back has some interesting button detail action, which saves it a little bit, right? More details: 

Allll the labradorite, as per usual. My Dean Davidson tassel and Argento Vivo pendant (similar). 

I'm still carrying my Marc Jacobs Paradise Rio satchel. There's a pretty grey one on the RealReal, just FYI. Speaking of pretty grey things, my boots are a Madewell purchase from last summer (the Regan style is similar) and y'all, I struggle with these boots. I thought they'd go with everything, and yet? They don't seem to go with anything. Maybe it's the pants? I don't know, I changed them before I left the house: 

And then I added my Veda jacket because it makes me happy every single time I put it on: 

And listen, I am not trying to talk you into a grey leather jacket but if you're dying for one, this one at Barneys is not really a bargain but it is very cute and 40% off. There's also this faux BB Dakota version which is a much better price. I'll stop now. 


  1. I like the black boots much better with this outfit. I think the Madewell Regan boots would look best with a neutral outfit, like all black. Or jeans and a white tee. Something like that. I could also see them looking good with a floral dress. They are cute though!