Wednesday, April 24, 2019

We Discuss: More Springtime Shopping.

M: I know I was JUST saying that JCrew isn’t cut for me, but those jeans I bought at the empty store with you are turning into my new faves. I have heard their white jeans are actually opaque and I’m tempted...

A: Ooh, show me.

M: I think these are kind of fun:

M: And I would be tempted by these but I already have a pair of distressed white jeans, I really need a pair that’s more polished

A: Oh, those look good! I am very into the idea of white boyfriend jeans this summer

M: I usually like to size up in white jeans though and the JCrew ones aren’t available in a size up

A: Boo

M: I am tempted to try them anyway

M: For that price

M: Well I had a $5 reward, free shipping, and money in my paypal. I’m sure they will be too small and I’ll regret it

A: Eh, you never know!

M: I just read a passionate thumbs up for these AG shorts (sized up 1-2 sizes for slouchiness):

A: Those are so cute!

A: Maybe too similar to my Gap pair to have both?

M: probably

M: The review I read showed them rolled and it was cute

M: I do not need more whisper tees I do NOT

A: Ummm




A: Ok, damn. You good.

M: However I did commit some stress-related shopping indiscretions

A: Oh?

M: The white jeans that will be a disappointment, those shorts I don’t need, a sun hat I do, and that Lou and Grey dress. And some glasses that block blue light from screens I DON’T KNOW

A: Disappointment Jeans is our band name

A: Also, oops that J.Crew shirt I forgot I even ordered showed up and it’s really good.

M: Oh well that’s good!

A: This is it:

M: Pretty

A: The color is better irl though now I’m wishing I’d gotten white

M: I love the navy but it does seem hot in the sun

A: Oh, it’s super thin

M: I’m just glad it’s not a huge disappointment!

A: Me too! It fits just right.


M: Ignore that I’m wearing them with a sweater because fuck this weather bit these AE shorts are actually pretty cute:

A: Those are great!

M: But they are tissue paper thin (tho very soft!) so I am glad I only spent $20

A: Eep

M: The J.Crew jeans are good but tiiiight:

M: While they technically fit they are going back

A: Yeah, tight white jeans are nobody’s friend

M: Nope

A: I sold the release hem Madewell jeans that are uncomfortably tight and ordered a diff pair with the most recent 30% off sale sale:

M: Those look good!

A: We’ll see!

M: This Lou & Grey dress is wacky and super wrinkled but I LOVE it:

A: Pretty!

M: It’s so light and airy and fun


M: It’s funny, I feel like I went through a big no dress phase and now I’m back

A: I def want more dresses for summer

M: They are so easy. Like onesies.

A: Yep, the good ones definitely are.

A: Wait, onesies?

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