Wednesday, April 10, 2019

TJ Maxx Report: So Many Good Bags!

Every now and then I plow through all the new arrivals and clearance-priced items on the TJ Maxx website just to see what's what. This week, it's all about the bag section. If Frye bags are you thing there are a TON of them. My favorite was this beautiful tote:

It's exactly the kind of tote that just gets better with age and (I'm assuming) it's made of way nicer leather than the similarly priced Madewell Transport tote. I am just saying. I also love this Frye hobo:

The peacock color is gorgeous and I suspect it'll sell out quickly. This bag is also available in cognac at Nordstrom Rack, just FYI.

Some of the bag brands at TJM are weird - either Italian no-name bags or brands like Tano that you only see at TJM and the like. Don't discount these bags! They're often quite good quality and look expensive:

HAVE YOU EVER. This is everything I want in a sleek red satchel. Damn. I also found another good satchel - a VERY nicely priced Aimee Kestenberg:

$60 for a good leather satchel? That is a bargain. And finally, this Vince Camuto Gally bag that I can personally attest to being a really excellent small crossbody:

Finally, I know this is about TJ Maxx bags but I accidentally found this AllSaints bag on NR and I thought you should know about it:

Am I right? That is just ridiculously perfect and comes in a couple of other colors. Have fun! 

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