Monday, April 15, 2019

Stuff I Bought: A Few Online Orders.

I bought a few things online! What a surprise! I should probably wait until I can actually review these things properly but whatever, I want to tell you about them anyway. 

Marianne has been going on and on about the amazing Madewell Whisper tee and I had to know so I ordered one (along with the next item which has not yet arrived.) Anyway, I got this one:

It showed up on Saturday and I put it on and wore it the rest of the weekend. Marianne is (as usual) right about this one - it's thin and drapey without being transparent, has a good v-neck that's deep but not wide, and a vented hem which makes doing a half-tuck easier. And best of all,  it's not expensive! The color I got is $9.99 right now but even full price it's under $20. I am hoping to buy a few more to get me through the summer. Obviously you can get them at Madewell but Nordstrom also has some colors and Shopbop has black, white and grey

The part of my order that hasn't shipped yet: 

Oh yeah! I wore out my last pair of leopard calf hair flats from Madewell so I snapped this pair up during the most recent sale. I just don't feel complete without a classic pair of tan and black leopard flats. They were slightly backordered but I should have them later this week.

Also, about to arrive from the Gap: 

Yep, I posted about these last week and they're now 40% off with code APRIL. I ordered both pairs with the intention of keeping one. (Or both if they're amazing. Or none if they suck.) I will review them soon, good or bad. Fingers crossed! What have you ordered recently? 


  1. I've been staring at this for three weeks and I'm going to finally order it today.
    I saw it in store as I was checking out. It's really pretty in person.

  2. I have the Whisper Tee in white that I thrifted NWT for five bucks. I love it (although the white is definitely transparent, I just wear it with a non-skimpy bralette underneath). I want to get the black and heather gray now but am waiting to see how the white one holds up.

    1. Oh yeah, I always expect white tees to be transparent, so I stick with Everlane for that. But it's just a good fit! I really hope they hold up.

  3. I bought 2 pairs of shorts from gap, chambray and khaki bermudas, a couple of fridays ago when shorts were for 50% off just for that day. I'm pleased!


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