Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Beauty Review: Glossier Cloud Paint.

I finally caved, y'all. I know Glossier isn't really meant for me, it's meant for youngsters with perfect youth skin who want that no-makeup glow that can only be had with makeup. I get it! I do. If I were 25 I'd probably have every product in the line but up until now I had decided it was Not For Me. 

Then I ran out of my RMS cheek stuff and didn't really want to shell out $36 to replace it. Plus, I'm fickle and wanted to try something new, you know? While searching around for an alternative the Internet was like, what about Cloud Paint? I read some reviews and was like, FINE. FINE I WILL TRY YOUR HIPSTER MAKEUP.

I obsessed over all the colors and finally settled on two - Storm and Beam. I could've just picked one but you get a price break for two and free shipping over $30 (plus I got 10% off) and that's how they get you.

Storm is a warm rose color:

Beam is a light soft peach:

When I got them I swatched them on my arm (like you do) and I was worried that Storm was too brown and Beam was too light. Listen, I was wrong. They are both REALLY PRETTY ON MY FACE. I was wrong about everything! I love the Cloud Paint, y'all. Love. I am wearing Beam in yesterday's outfit post and here's what Storm looks like on me:

I have nothing on my eyes and lips which is why I look like a mole person. Focus on my cheeks! 

Storm is a good everyday color and Beam is a bit more of a subtle version of Nars Orgasm - a golden peachy glow. The Cloud Paint goes on like a light gel and a little goes a long way.  I just pat it with my fingertips and get the nicest natural flush, nothing too bright or obnoxious. And it stays all day! Of course I want to try some of the other colors and I also got a sample of the Milky Jelly Cleanser and liked it more than I expected to. Glossier, you got me.

If you're curious and want to try it you can get 10% off your first order with my link. (Full disclosure: if you go through my link I will get a $10 credit and buy more shit to review.)

Have you tried Glossier yet? What did you think?


  1. They sucked me in with their sunscreen and boy brow. I can report that when you have long but spindly brows, the boy brow doesn't do a whole heck of a lot. The sunscreen is lovely though.

  2. I also avoided them for a long time because I am an oldster but finally tried Boy Brow. I have naturally invisible and sparse eyebrows and just caved one day. And of course the Boy Brow is awesome for me and I am on my 6th tube I think. Then I got suckered into that bundle deal and tried the Cake lipstick even though I am NOT a lipstick person and fuck me... it's good. It's a bit brownish but it looks really subtle when it's on unless you really layer it up. A couple days ago I needed another Boy Brow and thought I'd try another lipstick (Like) and of course it's also pretty amazing. It's just a little hint of color and it looks just about like my own lip color, so it's not obnoxious. It's a drier formula so maybe not for everybody, but I think they are pretty great. So, yeah, Glossier wins, I guess? Maybe I'll try the Cloud Paint next time even though I also don't consider myself a blush person!

  3. I'm the big 5.0 and I heart Glossier. I agree that I'd have loved it harder 25 years ago, but that's water under a bridge or whatever. I LOVE boy brow and cloud paint, and the make up remover. It's all high quality stuff minus stupid high dept store pricing. I am not a fan of the current lipstick line, it's too dry for me, but maybe they'll up that game.

  4. Love the scent of their perfume, the balm dot com is great for lips and cuticles, and my skin enjoyed the priming moisturizer rich all winter.