Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Shopping Report: Holiday Weekend.

Hi hi hi! I hope you all had a good Memorial Day weekend. I spent most of the weekend on my bike which means I didn't have time to buy much of anything. I am still waiting on my Madewell shorts (they're due to arrive today) and I did have quite a good 1/2 price haul from my favorite thrift store, but most of what I found is destined for my Poshmark closet. So boring, I know.

Oh, wait! I did buy a secondhand pair of my favorite Athleta pants in an army green color from a few years back:

They're also supposed to arrive today, so fingers crossed that they're in good shape. In other news, Marianne got her new sandals from Madewell (discussed here) and they're keepers:

Her quick review: I think these are good! The upper band is loose but that makes them comfy to walk in. The heel height is perfect and they fit great across the toe. (Just a note: these have sold out at Madewell but Nordstrom has them on sale.) 

The weather this weekend was summer-hot (yay!) so, while I haven't bought anything new, I have been wearing a bunch of my more recent purchases, two of which will feature in an outfit post tomorrow. Winners:

This Athleta Zephyr shell top, which is the best of both worlds - super light and easy but also reads fashion forward.

These Madewell jeans which I've been wearing every chance I get. They're my current favorite pair and I'm sad I can't wear them to work.

My white Birkenstock Arizona sandals which look so fresh and crisp with everything (and not at all like I'm a hippie nurse, which was my fear.)


These Gap shorts - I love them in theory but I just can't seem to make them work for me. I think they're a little too big, but not in a good/slouchy way. I may attempt to shrink them up a bit and try, try again.

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