Tuesday, May 14, 2019

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Barneys Warehouse Flash Sale!

I don't very buy much from Barneys Warehouse but they have GOOD sales and every now and then I'll go see what's up. Today they're having a flash sale with an extra 50% off accessories and there are some realllllly nice things on sale, not all of them high end! Like, there's a ton of Le Sportsac which is a brand I rather like. There are also lots of fancy things (uh, mostly bags) which I am quietly obsessing over:

Yes! A crazy-ass straw tote with fringe for $40? This is a great place to start and there's a matching clutch but one thing at a time. 

Ooh, I know right? These are Gucci and technically are men's but that never stopped me. Plus, they're less expensive than Ray-Bans! 

THIS. This clutch is the super fun cousin of the one I linked above. I mean, pink pom poms, y'all. 

Now I have to be a reasonable adult for a second and tell you what a good deal this is. Le Sportsac is well-designed and indestructible and this weekender is $45, down from $150. So good! 

Back to fun! These McQueen sunglasses are also men's but they have teeny tiny skulls on the arms and you know I want them real bad. REAL BAD. Teeny. Tiny. Silver. Skulls.

I want you to look at the close-up pics of this Miu Miu bag because you can tell it is made of the best super pebbly soft leather. It's basically a perfect shoulder bag. Dammit. 

Most of the sale jewelry is weird but I keep coming back to these black diamond moon studs. Hiiiii there, black diamond moon studs. Just passing by. Hi. 

Barney's makes a really nice red satchel, as you can see. They also make a mini version in case this one is more than you can handle (but I'm telling you it's not. You can totally pull this off.) 

Alright, look. I am not even sure my giant phone would fit in this little ZAC Zac Posen bag but it's chic as hell and I love the color. I'm just going to hang out and stare at it for a while. Bye now. 


  1. I loved those earrings so much I bought them- and I say this as a connoisseur of tiny stud earrings- but these are REALLY small. I think I'm returning them.

    1. Ugh, yeah, I wondered if they were legit teeny. I still kinda love them though...


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