Thursday, May 30, 2019

We Discuss: Regrettable Shopping. Maybe.

(Just a note: this convo happened over the holiday weekend, so some prices have changed) 

M: In  “I’ll never learn” news,  J.Crew Factory is giving clothes away again and I just ordered some stuff I will surely regret!

A: What did you get?

M: Let’s start with what I think WON’T be a disappointment

M: I wanted more shorts pajamas but then I saw these, which are a lot cheaper than my favorite Loft pajamas and I can just wear a t-shirt with them. I got the ditsy navy floral, watermelon, and lemon:

M: And I reaaaally liked that liberty-esque floral so I bought this dress that is probably going to disappoint me:

M: I bought these in yellow to give a friend for her birthday but I want them:

M: But the real I WILL NEVER LEARN is these jeans:

A: I LOVE the dress and earrings

A: But oh no white jeans


M: $22!

A: Worth a shot?

M: I sized way up and said a prayer

A: I pray for you as well

M: I am excited about the pajama shorts

A: Those are super cute

M: All told, three pairs of pajamas shorts, a dress, earrings, and jeans for $100

A: That’s great! Not regrettable at all

M: We’ll see

A: I want a pair of Madewell white boyjeans but I can’t pay full price

M: I am not sure why I think I’m going to suddenly turn into someone who doesn’t have hams for arms

A: Who cares what your arms look like? It’s summer.

A: Time to wear floaty dresses and say fuck it

M: I’m working on the fuck it!

A: Me too, a work in progress

M: I just usually like to fuck it with a sleeve

M: That sounds wrong

A: Dirty.


  1. "fuck it with a sleeve" !!! I'm really working on being okay with my arms. Wearing cardigans and denim jackets in the summer is just more than I can handle anymore.

  2. I say we all just hold hands and fuckit together. THIS IS THE SUMMER OF COMFORT.


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