Thursday, May 2, 2019

We Discuss: The Sephora Sale.

A: I am obsessing over my Sephora cart. The discount is 15%. Like, why am I so excited about that?

M: Ha! Better than nothing I guess

A: I am out of EVERYTHING so it’s a good time to restock, but so boring

A: I should probably also get a lipgloss or something. For science.

M: I am finally getting low on Kiehl’s cleansing oil

M: But I don’t think I spend enough at Sephora to get a coupon

A: There are three levels - Rouge get 20%, VIBs get 15% and the regular Insiders get 10% off

M: Oh apparently I do get 15%

A: Well! There you go

A: I am out of foundation, moisturizer, and Sunday Riley Vitamin C oil

M: Ugh I really need to think about what I’m low on, moving has kind of thrown off my life

A: I am literally using rando moisturizer samples and a foundation that’s too dark

M: haha

M: I was going to reorder this moisturizer but maybe I should get this instead? Idk

A: That’s a good kit!

M: I won’t really use the cleanser or the eye stuff though I’m sure I should

M: Yeah, I probably wouldn’t either

M: I'm so tempted by their lip oil (and lip oils in general) but I really don’t need ANY lip stuff

A: I need to do another product sweep and throw away a BUNCH of old stuff

A: Oh, and I have another nude lipgloss for you! You’ll get it for your birthday

M: Hahaha

A: Because I don’t need another corpse lip thing, thank you Allure Box

M: The corpse look is trending

A: So, for lip stuff I am considering:

M: I have a lipstick from that brand that I dig

A: Except the color I want just went out of stock, HOW CONVENIENT, SEPHORA.

A: Also, everyone keeps raving about this Fenty lip stuff:

A: But apparently it smells like gummi bears. I can't decide how I feel about that.

M: Hmmm

A: But I love the packaging?

M: It’s super pretty

A: We’ll see!


A: I just gave Sephora all my money

A: Here, take it

M: Hahahaha

M: Is it today? I don’t even know when the dang coupon starts

A: The VIB 15% off starts today (code HEYVIB)

A: I got my usual Smashbox foundation, Kiehl’s moisturizer, Sunday Riley CEO Glow, that Fenty lipgloss, the Ordinary lactic acid, and a bunch of free shit including a little tube of the Kiehl’s vitamin c stuff.

M: Nice!!

M: Now you have me wanting that lip gloss

A: I will let you know if it’s any good

M: I only NEED concealer and oil cleanser

M: I am also thinking about trying The Ordinary Niacinamide for breakouts and pores

A: I basically want all The Ordinary stuff even though I don’t understand what most of it does

M: It’s so cheap!

M: I’ll try anything for $6

A: Totally


  1. I ordered the Hourglass Illusion foundation and two 100 point perks that I actually wanted. They never have perks that I'm interested in, but right now they have several.

    1. They added a bunch of great 100 point perks right after I ordered!

  2. The Ordinary's Niacinimide and Zinc did nothing for me...but for that price, it's pretty much a no-brainer to give it a shot!

  3. The Ordinary stuff isn't part of the sale (though it's still cheap)

    1. Oops, thanks! (So cheap already, I'm not surprised.)