Monday, May 13, 2019

We Discuss: Birthday Shopping!

A: Oh man, Madewell just sent me a $25 off Insider code

M: Nice!

A: I am very short on summer dresses, so this is timely

M: Oh I got one too!


M: And it’s 15% cash back on eBates!!


M: Let’s each share our 5 dress picks from Madewell


A: This is what I’ll probably get:

A: This looks really easy and cute:

M: This is not something I would normally gravitate towards but I’ve been wearing some bright, patterned dresses this spring and it feels fresh:

M: Also really cute in a top:

A: Yes!

A: Hm, I'm starting to think Madewell summer dresses are not my style

M: Yeah I can’t find five haha

A: I keep only finding t-shirt dresses I like

M: Speaking of tee dresses:

A: I love that one but it’s $75

A: I love this in theory but white is not happening:

M: I actually LOVE this crazy one but not for $500 American dollars sheesh:

A: That is so youuuuu

A: But fuck that price

A: right in the butt

M: I actually quite like this:

That is also very you!

A: This is also cute:

M: It does not exactly look “swingy” to me MADEWELL

A: I agree with that

M: Oh these are cute!

A: I LOVE the red

M: I like the camel only because I already have red clog sandals

A: Of course

M: I also reallllly like these:

A: Hm. Read the reviews

M: They are really positive--what are you seeing?

A: That they’re wide

M: Hm

A: the reviews aren’t always right!

M: That’s a bummer, mules are hard

A: Most of the reviews are really good

M: They are! My feet are so narrow tho

A: I just bought the dark blue striped t-shirt dress and a grey Whisper Tee for $31 total

M: I want more t-shirts

M: Like a junky

A: I only have the one, so now I will have two

M: Can you use the ENJOY20 code with the $25 off code?

A: I did!

M: wowww

M: I ordered those mules because I’m a glutton for punishment

A: Hopefully they’ll work!

M: I am sure they will be too wide but they were almost sold out so I panicked

A: Well, fingers crossed

M: I’m also trying the Whisper tee in a crewneck stripe! And then I found French Girl lip balm on sale for like $7 so I threw that in too

A: Hooray!

A: Birthday shopping for youuuu!

M: Yas

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  1. I've been eyeing a pair of jeans, but I'm afraid of them. I really want those clogs in purple, but I have nothing to wear with them. I have wide feet, so that makes them even more appealing.


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