Tuesday, May 7, 2019

We Discuss: Kardashians Weirdness and the Met Gala



M: I don’t see how surgery could achieve that, or how a corset could even do it or how it’s humanly possible

A: Oh, she’s straight up wearing a corset

A: But maybe also had ribs removed? (Is that actually a real thing?)

M: Did you see this one though

M: You can see her belly button! Or is it a fake one??

M: She is an alien I swear

A: I think the clear plastic part is probably the corset?

A: I love that Kanye’s dressed like stage hand

A: Like, I cannot compete with this so I am just going to wear black

A: And obviously she is an alien

M: It’s a feat of engineering

A: I just can’t imagine living my life like that, though

M: Oh hell no

M: But it’s fascinating

M: I highly recommend her episode of 73 questions with Vogue

M: So you can see her absolutely bonkers house

A: Ohhhhhh. Okay yes

A: Mostly I am 100% hard no on all things Kardashian but I am curious about this

M: I go back and forth to be honest

M: I think Kim in particular is a very canny and brilliant person when it comes to business and branding and media

A: Oh, she’s no dummy I just don’t really get the why

M: It’s kind of like art

M: At this point

A: I guess? I just hate this thing about being the fake-est, least realistic version of yourself at all times

M: They are super weird. Kanye is even weirder. He’s starting a church?

A: I think he’s mentally ill and I don’t mean that glibly

M: It’s all very bizarre

A: Their kids are really cute but they’re basically hosed

M: The one who really bums me out is Kylie. Kim still basically looks like herself but Kylie is unrecognizable and so young still

M: It makes me sad that she clearly thought she was the ugly duckling

A: I don’t think I could pick her out of a line-up


A: I literally would have no idea who that was unless you’d told me.

A: But she really cute before! No need for all that.

M: haha

M: I mean she’s also a billionaire with her own incredibly successful makeup brand so what do I know

A: You know I love some pop culture, I just find that whole clan unrelatable and weird

M: The weirdest

A: But I guess that’s the draw? That they’re just fucking weird

M: Yes it’s just fascinating. That’s how I look at it. But clearly many many more people find them aspirational

A: Which is SO SAD


M: God the contouring!

M: I generally don’t care much about the met gala but this years theme was so fun

M: Katy Perry as a hamburger! Okay!

A: Wait, I thought she was a chandelier?

M: She changed into a hamburger later

A: Hahaha

M: As you do

A: I also love this year’s theme

A: I thought Janelle Monae’s look was really fun

M: I loved it

A: And Gwyneth took no risks, as per

M: Ugh she’s so gorgeous

A: She totally is, I agree, but I want her to surprise me. Just once!

A: Like, at least have some fried chicken in your purse

M: hahaha

A: Tiffany Haddish is my favorite forever

M: It would have been fun to see some humor from Goop


A: I know she has it in her

M: For sure

A: Hamish Bowles was all, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED

M: Hahaha I love it


A: Pink Poodles! Marabou feathers! Goddamn

M: Camp on camp on camp

A: Love

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  1. This was the most fun Met Gala in years. You could see drag's influence in so many things. Although I was disappointed that no one did anything Rocky Horror themed. My favorite Katy Perry touch was the ruffled toothpick on her head. That slayed me.


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