Thursday, May 23, 2019

Outfit of the Day: I Thought This Was Cute.

Hello! I have an outfit on and thought I'd show you because why not. This is a pretty typical weekday outfit but I thought it all kinda worked out pretty well:

I'm wearing a Pleione top I bought at TJ Maxx last year and every so often I'll check Poshmark to see if I can find it in other colors because I really love it. It's a nice drapey shape and tucks in quite well. I  went looking for it online and hey! Here it is deeply on sale in a pretty yellow that would look awful on me. Drat. They also have the cobalt color in a 3/4 sleeve version. There's also a slightly different version in several different prints and solid colors at NR. It's a good one. 

Y'all I know I've talked about these pants before but I honestly can't say enough good things about them. They're the Athleta Chelsea Cargo and they are a dream. I bought them for travel but have been wearing them once or twice a week since then. They are feather light and SO comfortable so I'm already thinking I need them in another color. Maybe the olive green? I'm also eyeing this pair of linen joggers because they get great reviews. I love some comfy summer pants. 

I can't always wear a denim jacket instead of a cardigan so I dusted off a VERY old cotton cardigan from BR and it's fine, I guess. Eventually I'll have to retire it and get something like this this one, it's more current cousin. Honestly, I can't really get excited about sweaters in May. Details:

I am so glad I splurged a little and bought this Dean Davidson necklace. It's WONDERFUL. The labradorite has good fire and it just seems to improve any outfit. It's also fun to play with, which is a bonus in boring meetings. There is a bunch of DD jewelry on Nordstrom Rack and I think this moonstone pendant might be my next piece. Or these earrings. Ugh. 

Finally, I am still rocking the duel animal print with NO SHAME. NO SHAME I SAY. I am super glad I went ahead and bought this crazy Marc Jacobs bag because it sparks mad joy. I can't even link it because there isn't another one like it (but if you want a similar MJ bag for a steal, this one looks really nice). I can, however, link my Madewell leopard flats which I still love and which have given me zero blisters. That's the true test of a ballet flat right there. 

That's all I've got today! I'll post some Memorial Day sale info tomorrow. 

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