Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Outfit Of The Day: I Like These Things A Lot.

Yesterday I promised an outfit with my two new favorite bits of clothing and by god, I shall deliver on this promise! I'm feeling dramatic today, can you tell? Anyway, here you go:

Look at me with the high rise and cropped top! It's really not a bad look for me since I'm short-waisted... is the story I'm telling myself. I am really into this top - the Athleta Zephyr shell. It's not inexpensive (uh, I got mine on Poshmark) but I have already worn it several times and I really love it. It's super light weight but the ribbed trim gives it a bit of interest and makes it fall just right. It comes in a bunch of colors and also a good print. It also comes in a tee, which is intriguing! I might have to go try that on. 

Y'all might remember my struggles with a pair of Madewell jeans that didn't quite work for me. I ended up returning them and then found this pair (on sale right now), which are a much better fit. The perfect rise, the perfect wash, some good distressed details, a slightly cropped leg. And magic pockets! That right there makes Madewell denim worth every penny. The best. My only sadness is that I can't wear them to work. For a similar version without ripped knees, this pair is very tempting. My denim wardrobe is always N+1.

I threw my J.Crew Going-Out blazer over this whole happy mess to prove that it's still the best at dressing up a casual outfit. Yep, you still got it, blazer. Thanks for making me look like I meant to do this. I think the Sophie sweater blazer would also work well in this capacity. Details: 

Here's a creepy face close-up to show off the glow-tastic abilities of that Tatcha stuff I was talking about last week and to also show you these Panacea earrings that I'm crazy about. I can't find my exact pair, but these are the same earrings with a different stone. Ooh, and I like this jade pair too. My necklace is not actually my necklace - it's Nina's and I'm selling it for her on my Poshmark page. It's Gorjana and I had to really restrain myself from buying it from her.

Bag and shoes! I'm carrying my Liberty of London Little Marlborough tote. It also comes in a grey color that I would LOVE TO OWN but for now I enjoy the one I already have. Ooh, I just found one like mine on Poshmark at a really good price! Eep. Someone get that. Finally, my red clog sandals are Lotta from Stockholm and I just wanted to prove that I don't wear Birkenstocks every single day. Sometimes I wear clogs instead! Heh. 


  1. That necklace looks good on you. You should totally buy it from your friend.

  2. I am amazed at how these randome mall brands can come together to make such a cool outfit. Well, theaccessories don't hurt, either.


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