Friday, May 3, 2019

Cute Boy Friday: Home Tour Edition.

M: Oh my god

M: Lenny Kravitz's farm


M: Me too

A: my mouth is hanging open

A: Just your average Brazilian farm

M: He is SO tiny

A: I can make it work

M: Oh sure

M: I mean he gets it done, you know it

A: I can imagine

A: omg the photographs

M: It’s so beautiful

M: Now I’ve fallen into a wormhole

A: Yep, I gotta castle

M: It’s his wife’s ancestral home!

A: Well, of course it is

M: Rich people really shouldn’t get to marry other rich people

M: Spread it around

A: Seriously. And I like that they’re all, “Dominic West’s Castle”

A: Naw, bro, it’s Dominic West’s WIFE’S castle


M: Misleading!

A: You know if they get divorced he is BOOTED from that castle

M: First comment: Inside Dominic West's Wife's Castle

A: Heh

M: Ugh he’s so cute

A: I’m still reading the comments - apparently the castle had to be put up for sale so they bought it along with her sisters, so he’s a part owner

M: Oh okay then he gets a pass

A: Yeah

M: He is very charming

A: He used his Wire money for good

A: Gosh he’s cute

A: Like so cute

M: I’ve never really been into him but okay!

A: Me either but I’m on board now

A: God, that staircase


A: This castle is so beautiful

M: It’s kind of hurting my feelings

A: like, they live Downton Abbey


M: The grounds are insane

A: ooh, castle ghosts

A: And they have four children!

M: Can I be one of them??

A: Sameeeee


  1. OMG, thanking for sharing the video with Dominic West! What a treasure - it made my day!


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