Thursday, May 16, 2019

Review: Madewell Tee Dress in Epperson Stripe. (And an Outfit.)

Hi! If you read this post from Monday you know I ordered the Madewell Tee Dress in Epperson Stripe because I needed a new summer dress option. (I recently did a closet purge and this dress finally went to the great thrift pile in the sky. I also got rid of some other dresses that no longer fit me or don't spark joy or whatever. It was brutal.)

ANYWAY, The tee dress arrived and it's a keeper:

I basically just wanted a tee shirt in dress form and that's what I got. It's made of a good, heavy-weight cotton and I'm wearing a size medium. I always worry a little about butt room in shift-type dresses, but this one fits fine, front and back: 

And check it out - the stripes line up! It's not a dealbreaker for me if they don't but it's the kind of attention to detail that I think is worth paying for. That said, I don't know that I'd pay full price for this dress. It's on sale right now for $39.50 and that seems like a fair price. If the crew neck isn't doing it for you, this Madewell tee dress has a lower neckline and a very cute stripe! There's also this relaxed version, which I love, but it needs to go on sale, because nope.

So comfy! I am such a fan of the striped t-shirt dress. For some non-Madewell options, I love this unusual colorway from Lou & Grey, this one at Nordstrom got a high recommendation from a friend (and it has pockets!), and Gap has a 3/4 sleeve option that I completely love. 

I literally just raved last week about my beloved Universal Thread denim jacket (and the sweet, sweet upgrade I'll eventually be buying) so I will skip it this week. I will say this: the right denim jacket makes a great cardigan-alternative. On to details:

As usual, I'm pretty minimal with the jewelry. This labradorite pendant is from Target and is long sold out, but I love these semi-precious stone pendants they have right now and this half circle pendant is pretty similar. This set at Loft also has a similar feel and is basically free. 

It's Birkenstock season! I've been enjoying my new white Arizona sandals, which I love with this dress. So fresh! My bag is the same old MBMJ hobo I always default to when nothing else quite works. This is the one I always recommend as a "similar" MJ style! I'm boring. Now, since you've read this far I have to ask - did anyone snag that Miu Miu bag from Barneys? It's back up to regular price so I can stopping thinking about it, but I can't stop thinking about it. *sob*

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