Thursday, May 9, 2019

Stuff I Like: It's Been Awhile! Watching, Listening, Wearing, Eating

It's tough to come up with "stuff I like" on a weekly basis so I had to give it a rest for a while. Now I'm back with some new stuff I like! 

This Show That Is Continuously The Best
Are you guys watching Better Things on FX? I know I've talked about it before but it's JUST SO GOOD. The episodes are funny and wry and dark and basically art. I just love Pamela Adlon and her beautiful disfunction and I very much relate to her relationship with her mother.  (The kids on the show are basically jerks, though. Except for Duke.) 

This Podcast That It's Good Lady Stuff
Do you ever get to a point where all your Podcasts are hate-listens? Me too. That's why I was relieved to find The Cut on Tuesdays, which is a podcast by women, about women. Not every episode is a winner but it's really well done and I love their How ____ Gets It Done series that comes out on Thursdays. (I suggest the Amy Sherald episode!) Also, it never fails to crack me up when they close with, "See you next Tuesday!" 

PS. If for some reason you're looking for a good hate-listen, try the the Sally Hershberger episode of Fat Mascara. She's so OOT obnoxious it made me sputter-laugh.

These Glasses That Are Saving Marianne's Eyes
My eyes have been really tired and I’ve been getting headaches, so I got my vision checked and it’s totally fine. However, my eye doctor  so he suggested I look into getting some blue light blocking glasses. I bought this pair and I actually think they are helping! Plus they are very cute, and I've gotten lots of compliments. 

These Trader Joe's Picks (and a sort of recipe) 
Once a month or so I brave Trader Joe's and buy a bunch of tried and true products but also try to pick up a few things I haven't tried. Sometimes they're good, sometimes not so much. On my most recent trip I bought two things I really love! The first is the Mini Brie Bites, which are tiny adorable single-serving rounds of delicious brie! It's too much packaging for what it is, but man, it is so nice for throwing into a lunch box. I also got some Sweet Potato Gnocchi and roasted it with some sliced up chicken sausage, similar to this recipe. (I did not add pesto.)  I dumped it all on a bed of baby spinach and ate it for dinner, then for lunch the next day. Not exactly low-cal but easy and tasty.

That's all I have today! Let me know if you have any new favorite podcasts or weird products or recipes, pls. 


  1. I'm in a podcast rut, but I consistently enjoy Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend. The one with Stephen Colbert was surprisingly touching. Conan comes across as much more thoughtful on the podcast than he does on TV.

    1. I've listened to a few episodes of that and definitely like it. I can also recommend David Tennant Does a Podcast which is similar, if slightly less funny.