Monday, May 6, 2019

Stuff I Bought: Accidental Shopping Report. 💸

Last weekend I hung out with my friend Kate and the plan was to get delicious poke bowls for lunch and then go to Trader Joe's for a joint grocery run. In between these two things we accidentally found ourselves at the mall and oops, this was not the plan, but we sure did have fun.

First stop: Madewell. Kate had old jeans to donate and was able to take advantage of the $30 off promotion going on in-store. She bought these:

They are really similar to my Tencel favorites but with a different wash and higher rise. She also bought this top which is SO CUTE and also on sale:

I tried on a few things but was being all saintly and absolutely not shopping for myself. (Note: this is foreshadowing.)

Dun dun dun. After Madewell we made the mistake of setting foot in Lululemon which is my personal shopping danger zone. I never let myself go in there because this is what happens every single time: 

I try on one thing and the perky 20-somethings who work there start bringing me more and more cute things to try and then swoon over how cute it all looks and suddenly I’m snow-blind and buying all these cute, expensive play clothes because WHAT IS MONEY ANYWAY? Ahem. So, here’s what I bought:

This bra, which is a long-time favorite of mine and is usually on sale in some weird color which is fine with me because nobody will see it. It's not fancy but it does a good job of holding everything in and the strappy back is cute. I also bought this muscle tank:

which is ridiculously cute on in ways that are hard to explain because it’s just a damn black tank but it’s cut just right and has a little gather in each shoulder that makes it fall just so. Dammit, Lululemon. Finally, I bought these shorts:

(They look way cuter on me, btw.) I only really have cut-off shorts and wanted a comfortable, casual pair that wasn’t made of shredded denim. I feel like I spent too much on them but they’re really good on. I don’t know, I might return them. Or, I might not. 

Next, we went to Athleta because Kate desperately needed some summer options for yoga. She bought this tank which is perfect for yoga because it has a high neck and you can knot it in the back: 

She also bought the best mesh-y purple crops:

They look amazing on her and will be great for summer because they're half mesh. She also bought these shorts in the adorable camo print:

Love! I didn’t buy anything at Athleta but I really wanted this top which Kate bought it in the floral print:

I really loved it in black because I’m boring:

Heh. It’s not a workout top, just a really cute, slightly cropped shell that falls just right and somehow looks high-end and expensive. If I hadn't spent all my money at Lululemon I probably would've bought it full price, that's how much I liked it. (I am still thinking about it and impatiently waiting for it to go on sale.)

Then we went to Trader Joe's and I spent what few dollars I had left on plantain snackas and sweet potato gnocchi. The end. 

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