Monday, February 11, 2019

Outfit of the Day: New Favorites.

Finally, I have an outfit post to share! I've bought a few things recently that I've been really happy with, so I thought I'd put them together and see what happened. (I mean, nothing happened but it was a fine outfit for work or whatever.) Here were go:

So, I realllllly wanted that striped cashmere sweater from Everlane but they sold out of my size while I was still waffling about it. Of course. So I gave up on my striped cashmere dream completely. Then,  oops, I found the one I'm wearing at TJ Maxx!

It's C&C California 2-ply cashmere and it's SO GOOD. Soft as a kitten, not too sheer and really warm. It also comes in a pale grey stripe and I had a hard time deciding between the two. It's not online but TJM does have this fun version and there are a few listed on Poshmark as well. It's a really good sweater and I am tempted to go back for the other color. For similar styles I found this on by Rebecca Minkoff and this CK version. (But seriously, go to TJM and look for it! Under $40, y'all.) Now for the other half:

These are the Athleta Chelsea Cargo pant and I literally wore them three days in a row last week. It was unseasonably warm last week and they were so light and easy! The cargo pocket detail is pretty subtle, which I appreciate and I can see myself wearing these well into summer. They get great reviews for good reason and I'm sold. I bought them for travel but I can see them becoming a staple for work and play. Athleta pants can be hit or miss for me (see my review from last fall) but I love the Chelsea Cargo and have my eye on the Sutton Jogger. On to details:

Keeping it boring with my Giles & Brother fish hook pendant. I bought it more than two years ago and still wear it every week! A newer version is available in silver but I personally would go for this G&B anchor pendant

I really need to switch up my bag once in a while. My MBMJ hobo has really served me well, though! This gorgeous MJ Empire City Hobo is really similar and comes in grey if you want to be boring like me. Finally, my flats are Rothys which I have really been enjoying. I did a full review of these last fall if you're curious and recently gave Marianne a pair, so I'll post her thoughts soon. And don’t forget, you can shop through my link for $20 off your first purchase! (Full disclosure: I will also get a $20 credit.)

That's it for today. Have you bought anything good recently? Do tell.

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  1. I bought this Gap cashmere sweater (in light grey) and LOVE it. No pilling, warm, stylish.


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