Tuesday, February 12, 2019

BUY THIS: Anthropologie Flash Sale.

Why you gotta be like this, Anthro? We are all sick of sweaters and coats and boots...right? Yes. YES WE ARE. And yet, there are some really nice things included in this 40% off flash sale that would work well into spring. Ugh, let's take a look:

This breezy camo sweater is TOTALLY for spring and would go with nearly everything. 

NOW YOU'RE JUST BEING MEAN, ANTHRO. I want this cardigan A LOT. 

This is the same brand as the great draped jacket Marianne and I bought last fall and comes in two great colors. I prefer the gray because that's all I know anymore. 

This leather jacket is Frye and it's an investment but omg, what a jacket. The color is really unusual and I love the stud collar. Dang. 

I kept coming back to this faux suede trench and surprised myself by liking the lavender color the best. It's just so pretty and soft but still kinda retro and badass. 

These look tan but are actually a blush color. Definitely springtime boots. 

These you could wear year-round - metallic gold with a chunky heel? Basically perfect. 

I love an airy perforated boot as a not-quite-sandal-weather option and this color is a perfect neutral. 


  1. Those last boots are at 6pm for a STEAL: https://www.nordstromrack.com/shop/product/2712708?cm_mmc=feeds-_-adlucent-_-google-_-pla&utm_source=adlucent&utm_medium=feeds&utm_content=google&utm_campaign=pla&utm_channel=shopping_acq_p&sid=545650&aid=%5BADL%5D%20%5BPLA%5D%20%5BShopping%5D%20-%20Categories%20-%20Brand%20-%20%5BDesktop%5D&gclid=Cj0KCQiAnY_jBRDdARIsAIEqpJ04lrWmPv6QIEzGW1MjWZTTaQlux0YX7WiqtGy-KS6cnIgynGR6rk8aApOWEALw_wcB&color=SAND%20NUBUCK

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