Wednesday, February 13, 2019

We Discuss: Vitamin SEEEE

M: I broke down and bought some The Ordinary stuff to try

M: Because I am about to be very broke and it would be amazing if this worked

A: What’d you get? I’ve tried a couple of things.

M: Vitamin C, Rosehip oil, and the caffeine serum for under eye

A: I’ve tried the Rosehip oil and liked it. Let me know how the other two work out!

M: I will!


M: Two days into the Ordinary and so far I’m into it

M: The vitamin C is strong as fuck and I feel like it’s burning off my skin in a good way

A: I have such feelings about Vitamin C

M: What are your feelings? Do you not like the Kiehls stuff

A: I do! I like the Kiehls and the Sunday Riley which I rotate

M: IDK I definitely see a difference, Very similar to my prescription retinol

A: But I think they’re limited and eventually I'll need something stronger. However,  stronger serums tend to break me out so I am leery about trying something burn-y.

A: Also, Retinol makes my face flaky af

A: I don’t feel like anything is a super miracle for me

M: For me (obvi everyone is different) I had to get through the flaky period with retinol. It was not fun.

M: But I think it made my skin bombproof

A: I need to try again

M: Do it before summer!

A: Yeah, I can't really use retinol in the summer

M: Yeah it’s hard in the summer and also in the dead of winter

M: I remember wind made my face hurt

A: I’m just outside in the sun too much

M: I sound like a crazy person

A: Ha! No, I know what you mean.

M: Speaking of, this morning I accidentally used bronzer instead of setting powder

M: which is so fun

A: hahahaha

M: Like, under my eyes

A: Oops

M: Cool cool super coolll

A: That’s a do-over for me, dog

M: It wasn’t a ton so I just blended it with some powder and kept moving but I feel like I look a lil tan

A: That doesn’t sound like a bad thing.

A: Today it’s pouring rain and 36 degrees so I basically want to crawl back into my lair

M: It’s not even noticeable which makes me wonder if my bronzer actually does anything

M: I have forgotten what the sun feels like:

A: You look flawless

M: Well my computer monitor is huge and blows my skin out

M: Like, people mention it in video calls

M: Someone asked if I have a ring light at my desk

A: Whatever works!

M: Hahaha

A: I love a ring light

A: I just want to walk around with one


M: I am pretty gd pleased with this vitamin C business I have to say. Weirdly gritty and kind of burny. But I feel GLOWY

M: I am low on my Kiehls so this was an experiment

A: Well, it’s certainly well-priced so if it works…

M: And the rosehip oil is really nice even though it has an...earthiness

A: It does, yeah

A: But I use Sunday Riley oils that smell like dirt and herbs

M: haha

M: I am really hoping I continue to like it because I really can’t justify spending so much

M: The caffeine under eye stuff is interesting. I am not sure yet if it’s doing anything but you use SO LITTLE that a bottle will seriously last a year

A: I need to revisit The Ordinary. I just got so overwhelmed on the website trying to figure out what I needed

M: Yeah I know, I literally just ordered what my friend Jenny uses because her skin is amazing

M: They are out of the glycolic toner at Sephora, that’s the other thing she likes

A: Well, that’s really the way to do it, I’d say

M: Yup

A: Now I want all of those things (except the oil, which I already have!)



  1. I'm considering trying their Lactic Acid. Some of the reviews on Sephora claim it's as effective as Good Genes. Their Retinol made my face burn a lot.

  2. I have the niacinamide + zinc serum, which I like a lot, and the azelaic acid which I'm not sure about yet but I'm going to keep using. I have dry skin that decided to start breaking out on my chin once I hit my 30s, so I'm looking to keep that at bay and reduce overall redness.

  3. What do you guys rexommend for me, just entering forties and wanting to care for undereyes?